School and College Football Research

British American Football's largest ever research programme to underpin the development of the sport in schools and colleges is here.

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Ever since the NFL’s Washington Redskins took on the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XVII in 1983 and a fledgling Channel 4 broadcast the game live the sport of American football has been part of the British sporting consciousness.

Recent years have seen the sport rise to prominence again with enhanced coverage of the NFL and NCAA football across television platforms; the NFL’s staging of games at Wembley, and unprecedented investment in community and student football from major stakeholders. In the past year alone community participation has risen by 19%, student participation by 20.9% and the number of active coaches has increased by 64%.

As a Governing Body we are keen to ensure that we can cater effectively for a growing demand for the sport (both contact and non-contact versions) across the education sector. We are currently developing resources to support engagement with the sport. Prior to rolling that out we are seeking to map the interest which exists across schools so we can establish the most appropriate interventions for game development, from the production of support documentation and delivery of coaching courses through to the structure of competitions.

To aid in this mapping exercise we have, together with IFAF - the global Governing Body, created an online survey for school staff members which will take no more than 2 minutes to complete. Respondents to the survey will provide us with basic details (staff contact; institution location; aspect of the game they are interested in) around which we can build a programme of targeted support.

If there are any queries please contact Andy Fuller, BAFA Director for Student Football, on or 07971 497792.

People completing the forms should be aged 18 or over and hold a position with the institution.

We will share the top line information with local stakeholder bodies who we will work with to develop interventions.