The British American Football Association is the National Governing Body for the sport of American Football across Great Britain, with hundreds of clubs and thousands of players.

As part of its commitment to ensuring that all people are able to enjoy the sport of American football, BAFA have developed a series of policies and information documents for its members and interested parties.


BAFA endorse UK Anti-doping guidelines. Further information and guidance on anti-doping can be found here


The Equality Standard is a framework, developed by the Home Country Sports Councils, designed to guide sports organisations such as National Governing Bodies towards achieving equality. It assists organisations in developing structures and processes, assessing performance and ensuring continuous improvement in equality.

As part of its commitment to equality, BAFA works to deliver against its Equality Statement which is available as a download.



The British American Football Association can provide insurance to both players and coaches when registering with the National Governing Body. Details of the policy are given to club committees at the start of each season. However, there are often cases where people wish to take out enhanced coverage, whether for themselves or for their equipment. Enhanced coverage for the sport of American football can be found by clicking on the logo above.

Should a member wish to submit a claim, the claim form documentation is available as a download.

It is required that all clubs keep an accident record book and ensure that details of all accidents and incidents are recorded within this book, both in terms of on-field activity and wider club-sanctioned activity. This will enable you to provide written evidence regarding the circumstances, nature and extent of any injuries sustained.

The familiar Accident Book (Form BI 510) has been replaced by a new HSE-approved version with the aim of making it compliant with the Data Protection Act 1998. It contains tear-out pages which, after completion, are to be detached and kept separately in a secure location.

The new Accident Book is available from HSE Books
T: +44 (0)1787 881165
F: +44 (0)1787 313995

Health and Safety,Safeguarding and CRB

The British American Football Association is committed to ensuring that the football environment is as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Children and Vulnerable Adults

Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults is the responsibility of not just the Governing Body but people at all levels. Having a designated welfare officer in situ at all clubs (covering where appropriate young persons and / or vulnerable adults) will be a requirement from 2012 and provides the platform for the effective implementation of the Governing Body policies and procedures which are available as a download.

BAFA is currently looking at the provision of training programmes to support enhanced activity in this area.

All Student Clubs will be required to provide the Governing Body with details as to the welfare provision in their Student Union.

The British American Football Association provides guidance to clubs on the process for ensuring that all relevant people are CRB checked. This is available as a download.

Key Links:

Child Protection in Sport Unit

SportsCoachUK (workshops include: Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Inclusive Coaching)

runningsports (a Club for All)

Risk Assessments

All activity undertaken by clubs, be it on the field or off, should be subject to robust risk assessment procedures as part of a commitment to Health and Safety. Undertaking a Risk Assessment means taking a systematic approach to looking at what could cause harm to people. By assessing risk, you know where potential problems and dangers lie, and can, therefore, take measures to prevent them.

BAFA requests teams undertake Risk Assessments for the following:

Facilities, Equipment, Travel and Activity.

BAFA provides a simple Risk Assessment guidance document  which is available for download.

BAFA recommends that all involved with a club or team view the following documents / sites:

runningsports Introduction to Risk Assessments

ClubMark Risk Assessment Template

Volunteering England Health and Safety Overview

Volunteering England - Volunteering and the Law (Scottish / Welsh versions to be linked to in due course)


Ensuring that equipment is fitted properly is crucial in ensuring that the risk of injury is minimised. Coaches are provided with an induction into fitting equipment as part of the Level 1 Coaching Qualification. BAFA also supports information and demonstration sessions as part of Pre Season Meetings for competitions.

People who purchase equipment are advised to read and file the various pieces of documentation which come with the equipment. Additional information can often be found on manufacturer's websites. For example: Riddell Shoulder Pads  and Riddell Helmets Please note the BAFA does not specifically endorse one brand of helmet or pad and purchasers should ensure that the guidance read is up-to-date. These links are for guidance purposes only.