A New Era Beckons for Great Britain

Applications are now active for roles within the Great Britain national teams.

Involvement in the British American Football Association (BAFA) National Programme is the pinnacle of achievement for American Football in Britain.

The Great Britain Lions is the name of the representative teams which compete at a number of different age ranges (Youth/Junior/Adult) and variants of the game of American football (Contact/Flag).

Over the past few months, the BAFA Board of Directors have been working to review the G.B. Lions programme past, present, and most importantly future. The aim is to ensure that there are teams in all age categories capable of competing at the highest level on the international stage.

The National Programme Sub-Committee (comprising BAFA Directors Gary Marshall, Jon Wyse and Matthew Davies) have benchmarked the G.B. Lions against other sports competing at a national level. As a consequence of this it has been agreed that management teams should be put in place to oversee all teams competing within the G.B National Programme.

Specifically the BAFA are delighted to announce that four roles are open for application, to drive the G.B. Lions Junior Contact (16-19 years) and G.B. Lions Adult Contact (over 18 years) teams forward:

Head Coach – G.B. Lions Junior Contact

General Manager – G.B. Lions Junior Contact

Head Coach – G.B. Lions Adult Contact

General Manager – G.B. Lions Adult Contact

The application packs for the four roles are now available from the downloads section of the website. Each pack contains details of the role, its requirements and the process for application and selection, as well as contact details for any questions. We look forward to receiving all applications from all sections of the community.