The sport of American football has been played in schools, formally or informally, for many years.

Schools around the country have well developed Flag football programmes. The platform which the sport gives – athletic skill combined with a strong emphasis upon strategic planning and execution has seen it form a core part of their curriculum delivery or their extracurricular offer.

There has also been a recent move by a number of schools to develop contact football programmes, working closely with local community and university clubs and with a view to entering into local community and national league competitions.

Alongside these formal structures, it is well known that pupils of all ages have picked up a rugby ball or a football, strode across a goal line, thrown the ball to the floor and yelled ‘touchdown’ in the playground whilst mimicking the game on the TV.

BAFA is committed to supporting those involved in the planning and delivery of Physical Education and school sport if they wish to include American football. New resources are planned to support teachers in their delivery of football along with ones targeted to support football clubs in engaging more effectively with schools and other key partners.

In the short term, provides a wealth of resources to support people looking to try Flag football for the first time and TAG Rugby belts are more than suitable for use.

If your school is interested in starting a football programme (contact or flag) then please let us know by emailing stating the name of your school, its location and by providing a contact email and phone number. Equally please sign up to our e-newsletter.