BAFA Kick-Start Programme Coordinator Required

BAFA invites applications from suitable parties to provide coordination services for the Kick-Start 2011 programme.

The BAFA Kick-Start programme 2011 is designed to generate 6-8 new Youth Contact (U17) teams able to compete at some stage during the year in BAFA CL tournaments and which are sustainable through 2012 and beyond. BAFA will provide playing equipment, on loan, to succesful project bidders to provide rapid start-up of activity leading to the formation of these teams.

BAFA requires the delivery of the Kick-Start 2011 programme to be coordinated to high standards to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency is obtained from the investment. Therefore, BAFA has committed a percentage of the available funding within the programme budget towards the appointment and remuneration of a service provider.

This role would ideally suit person(s) from within the sport with the suitable attributes who can commit to delivery, mostly during evenings and weekends, as the programme requires.

The service provider will coordinate all aspects of the Kick-Start 2011 programme under the supervision of a delegated BAFA Director. This will entail:

- Establishing and maintaining communication links to all approved projects and organisers

- Providing regular updates and a Final Report to the BAFA Board of Directors

- Coordination and recording details of the ordering, supply and (where necessary) the return of equipment to all approved projects.

- Visits to each of the Kick-Start projects to provide support and guidance

- Regular contact with project organisers to monitor activity and provide support and guidance.

- Visits to BAFACL tournaments (as agreed with BAFA) in which Kick-Start 2011 teams are taking part to monitor activity and provide reports on the progress of teams.

It is envisaged that the service will require the provider to commit to the equivalent of approximately 15-20 'days' of work (though some of these nominal days are likely to be split into odd hours over a greater number of days) during the term of appointment. The provider will need to be available to communicate with partners and Kick-Start deliverers, often during evenings. Visits to projects and tournaments will almost certainly take place on Saturdays or Sundays.

The term of the appointment will be from the appointment date until 31st December 2011 (or as agreed with BAFA)

The provider will be subject to a service level agreement with BAFA.


The provider will require the following attributes:

- Be knowledgeable of the British American football landscape

- Be knowledgeable of suitable activity for young players of American football (therefore, a coaching background is desirable)

- Be knowledgeable about team administration

- Be knowledgeable about the fitting and correct use of playing equipment

- Be appropriately insured to cover any advice given

- Have, or be willing to undertake, a BAFA CRB disclosure (BAFA will pay for this)

- Be competent in basic record keeping and report writing


Remuneration will be equivalent to £80-100 per day* dependant on experience and satisfactory delivery of the service.

* 'Day' as described above and therefore remuneration will not exceed a maximum of £2,000 for the full service.


BAFA will cover expenses on a pre-agreed, item-by-item basis from within the programme budget.


To apply, send a CV (appropriate to the attributes above) and a covering letter to:

Further queries about aspects of the service should also be sent to this email address.

Applications received before 30th April 2011 will receive priority, with initial interviews taking place between 1st and 7th May