BAFA Equality Monitoring Data Released

The British American Football Association has today released its Equality Monitoring data from the 2010-11 membership year.

The data was collected in two primary ways. The first was the submission of paper-based Equality Monitoring Forms. The second was via the use of electronic surveying.

Equality monitoring is the process BAFA uses to collect and analyse data about people’s backgrounds to inform its planning and development work.

The purpose of equality monitoring is to help BAFA to highlight possible inequalities, investigate underlying causes and identify actions we need to put in place to remove any unfairness or disadvantage. It also helps BAFA to understand if our policies and procedures are working to promote equality of opportunity for all.

At BAFA we see monitoring as part of an ongoing process of analysis, asking questions, investigation and making changes that continually improve the quality of provision for everyone in the sport.