Want to Develop Yourself and your Club?

As the Spring coachng courses are announced highlights other events people can attend to enhance their offer.

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Are you a seasoned coach looking to further your skills or are you new to coaching? Either way, take your passion for coaching further and attend a sports coach UK workshop.

Why Coaches Rate Our Workshops...
Led by experienced coaches with real passion for their subject.

Conveniently held at a venue close to home, usually in the evenings or at the weekend.

Small groups – with between 6 and 25 people on any workshop, you can share your experiences with other coaches to find practical solutions that work.

The atmosphere is unintimidating and relaxed.

You come away with a certificate of attendance, and an excellent resource – book or DVD – for future reference.

Organised by sports coach UK partners – typically governing bodies of sport or county sports partnerships – some are even tailored by sport.

How Our Workshops Score...

97% of attendees learn something new on sports coach UK workshops.

97% of attendees rated a sports coach UK workshop 7 out of 10 or higher.

100% of attendees agreed the sports coach UK tutor performance was good/very good overall.

Workshop Titles

Take a look at the suggested pathways of workshops Sports Coach UK recommend for you.

Coaching – Minimum Standards for Deployment
Safeguarding and Protecting Children
Safeguarding and Protecting Children 2: Reflecting on Practice
Safeguarding and Protecting Children (16–18)
How to Coach Disabled People in Sport
Equity in Your Coaching
Inclusive Coaching: Disability

Planning and Child Development
An Introduction to Long Term Athlete Development
Coaching Children and Young People
Planning and Periodisation
Coaching the Young Developing Performer
Multi-skill Club Induction
Multi-skill Clubs in Practice
Multi-skill Inclusion
Coaching the Whole Child - Positive Development Through Sport

An Introduction to the FUNdamentals of Movement
FUNdamentals of Agility
FUNdamentals of Balance
FUNdamentals of Coordination

Coaching Craft
Analysing Your Coaching
Positive Behaviour Management in Sport
A Guide to Mentoring Sports Coaches