Players will have to be members of BAFA and will be subject to all BAFA rules and regulations. They should demonstrate football knowledge, athletic prowess and have a desire to represent their country in international competition.

Players will be recruited via:

  • · Open trials
  • · Camps
  • · Positional clinics
  • · Invitation from scouting processes
  • · Moving up because of age
  • · All-star games

Attributes of a national team player are:

  • · Punctuality and conscientious attendance of practice days
  • · Self discipline
  • · A student of the game
  • · A desire to learn and the ability to retain information
  • · Aspiration to play at GB or NFLE Level
  • · A good ambassador for the programme and the game in general.

Players will only be eligible if they hold a British Passport.

Bodies recognised by BAFA (those under EFAF) would be acceptable criteria for recruitment to the NP. Therefore, players not currently playing within Britain but holding a British passport or dual nationality may be considered for selection.

Players selected will be expected to attend all camps. (The NP Director reserves the right, should an intolerable situation arise, to ask the BAFA board for a clear policy regarding non-attendance of players).

The programme will prioritise younger athletes who can benefit from and contribute to the long-term goals. However, more ‘experienced’ players will be accepted if they can add value to the programme and demonstrate a commitment to it’s ideals.

The Elite Player Programme

The Elite Player Programme once fully adopted will become the yardstick for National Programme player development. The EPP will give a clear indication to the player and coach of the standards for on field activity i.e. speed, strength and agility. This should allow players to arrive at NP trials and camps better prepared for the level of activity expected than has previously been the case.

The National Programme will maintain contact with individuals on the programme all year round to assist in and monitor their development.