Aims of the Programme

Allow access to all people within our sport judged fairly on their abilities and circumstances and not on which teams they belong to.

Promote honour and pride in representing ones country – to being among the best athletes in the nation.

Create an environment of sporting excellence addressing such issues as physical conditioning, nutrition and sports psychology as well as football techniques.

Develop young athletes from the earliest stages and encourage them to aspire to their full potential.

Provide exit routes into high school, college, NFLE and NFL

Provide a programme of regular and accessible training days.

Work closely with domestic teams to unearth new talent and assist development of talent within the team structure.

Provide a vehicle for the development of coaches by working with elite athletes and as part of high quality football programmes with exposure to international level competition.

Provide a vehicle for the development of administrators and managers able to organise and promote top quality teams and events.

Implementation of the Elite Player Programme

Mission Statement

To build a structure that will provide BAFA with extremely competitive Great Britain teams.

To raise the overall level of ability in Britain of all parties within the domestic sport.

To provide opportunities and a clear path of progression for those individuals with the desire and commitment to achieve their full potential