There has been for many years now a need for a stable programme which would allow Great Britain to be consistently represented in the international American football arena.

There is the obvious benefit of allowing our domestic players the opportunity to represent their country in their chosen sport. There is also the benefit of promoting American football within Britain, thereby gaining greater recognition and credibility for our game. 

There has also been a need for a structured programme which addresses the development of elite performers. Such a programme should seek to bridge the gap between the level of football currently being played in the domestic leagues and that required to compete successfully at NFLE level. This structure could also serve as a vehicle for the growth and development of our coaches and administrative staff. 

The BAFA Board has recognised that many aspects of these two ideals could be mutually supporting and that a centralised control of GB teams would provide greater efficiency. 

Therefore, as part of the evolution of football in Great Britain BAFA has tasked for a structure to be put in place that would meet these needs in a single national programme. 

The BAFA National Programme has been unanimously endorsed and supported by all the component bodies of BAFA: 

          British Senior League

            British Collegiate American Football Association

            British Youth American Football Association

            British American Football Coaches Association

            British American Football Referees Association

            Scottish Gridiron Association