Press Release from BAFA 28th Jan 2005

The BAFA Board met on the 15th and 16th January in Leicester to review the successes of 2004 and to discuss and agree plans for 2005.

BAFA and the NFL have opened joint discussions upon how to strengthen the partnership between the two organisations. Both sides are keen to work together to improve American football in Britain.

A key issue agreed at the meeting is to ensure that news of BAFA Board activities is better reported to the BAFA membership. To this end the potential of the official BAFA site ( will be exploited and an honorary press officer will be identified and appointed. A job description and application form has been posted on the BAFA web site and anybody interested in the position is encouraged to apply.

A report from the National Development Officer was submitted showing that in the last four years 375,000.00 has been received by teams from Government funding through applications made with the assistance of the BAFA development team.

After the success of the GB Lions Senior team at the European Group B Championship, in Amiens, preparations for the challenge to become European Champions at the Group A tournament in Malmo, Sweden have begun. In consultation with the British Senior League the National Programme has agreed the Spring and Summer dates for training camps to allow the squad to prepare for the event that will be held between the 28th and 30th July 2005.

The BAFA Board has passed a resolution stating that failure to respond to an invitation to the National Programme, within 14 days, following a reminder, will result in a ban for three domestic league games. In addition failure to attend for the full duration of a National Programme event without the specific permission of the National Programme Director may also incur this same penalty.

BCAFL players attending training sessions during their current season will be allowed to miss training days to attend their team games. The National Programme Director has also stated that he is mindful of the intensity of any training for these players on days before their games.

The first camp was held on the 4th and 5th of December 2004 and as well as the players several observer coaches were invited to attend to allow the coaching ideals of the programme to be made available to BAFA members.

BAFA is in the process of submitting bids to the European Federation of American Football to host both the 2005 European Senior Flag Football Championship, in Scotland, and the 2005 European Junior Flag Championship, in Coventry.

The board approved the mechanics of a central registration system. It will be tested by the British Senior League, The British Youth American Football Association and the Scottish Gridiron Association and reviewed once comments are received from those organisations.

The next BAFA board meeting is on the 16th April.

BAFA Press Officer Job Description

Main Responsibilities

To format and distribute BAFA meeting summaries after each meeting and ensure that all member associations have headlines with active links back to the main BAFA site on their individual sites.

To be pro-active in contacting all BAFA board members, National Programme Director, third party contact and any other relevant sources for BAFA related news and information.

To maintain/monitor the BAFA calendar and keep all member associations and press contacts aware of events.

To advise and develop external face of 'BAFA'.

Please send Application forms or CVs to

or via post to

Rich Handby
305 Armley Ridge Road,
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