Scottish Flag Football Finals

The Scottish Flag Football Association held its League Finals Day on Saturday 9th October 2004 at Forthbank Stadium, Stirling, the climax to this season's league for Cadet (under 12), Junior (under 15) and Youth (under 17).

All league play was held between April and September 2004 where the North/ East and the West Central conferences for each age group battled it out for a place in today's play-offs. The top of the North/ East would face second place in the West/ Central while the top of the West/ Central would face the second place from the North/ East. The winners of these games would meet in the final while the losers would play out for 3rd & 4th place.

The Grangemouth Broncos played the Glasgow Bengal Tigers while the Glasgow Siberian Tigers played the Inverness Rockets in the Cadet playoffs, and with the scores Broncos 59 Bengals 0 and Siberians 38 Rockets 6 we had an exciting final lined up. For the third consecutive time this season the Broncos would face the Siberians, meeting previously at the Claymores' Kick-off Classic and the Flame Bowl in Grangemouth where the Siberians came out on top on both occasions and during a regulation inter-conference league match where the Broncos had beaten the Siberian giving a 2-1 record in the Siberians favour.

The match was an exciting affair with the Siberians creating a 9 point lead, but the Broncos were determined to snatch victory from them and reduced the lead to 3 as the game went into the final 2 minutes. The Broncos defence looked good while the Siberians struggled to move the ball, but just when it looked as if the Broncos would get the ball back for a final chance to take the game the Siberians gambled with a run that ended with them gaining the vital 1st down and allowed them to run out the clock to win 39-36. The Glasgow Siberian Tigers were crowns Cadet Scottish Flag Football Champions. The Glasgow Bengal Tigers beat the Inverness Rockets 37-36 in the 3rd & 4th place play-off.

At Junior level the Moray Maniacs played the Glasgow Hornets while the Clyde Valley Predators played the Inverness Rockets, and with the scores Maniacs 33 Hornets 32 and Predators 59 Rockets 12 it would be the Maniacs against the Predators in the final while the Hornets would play the Rockets for 3rd & 4th. The Maniacs and the Predators met at last years play-offs and on that occasion the Predators beat the Maniacs to make the final. So with a 1-0 record the Maniacs were looking for revenge. However after 40 minutes of exciting play it was the Predators who were the better team, winning the game 56-19. The Clyde Valley Predators were crowned Junior Scottish Flag Football Champions. In the 3rd & 4th place playoff the game ended in a 14-14 draw.

At Youth level the Glasgow Hornets played the opening game against the Aberdeen Oilcats while the Kirkcaldy Bulls played the Graeme High School Titans in the other fixture and with the scores Hornets 40 Oilcats 33 and Bulls 45 Titans 26, were we to see the Bulls repeat last year's success as they faced the Hornets in what was shaping up to be a very exciting final. The Bulls dominated the game throughout the 1st half with the Hornets struggling to make an impact. However in the 2nd half the Hornets began their come back scoring twice while holding the Bulls out of the end zone. They came within one score of the game, but the Bulls stepped a gear to stretch the lead once again. The game ended 28-18 and the Kirkcaldy Bulls were crowned Youth Scottish Flag Football Champions for the second season running.  A feat mirrored by their Senior squad who had dominated the Senior league for their second season. In the 3rd & 4th place game the Oilcats beat the Titans 41-28.

The SFFA also awarded its Coach of the Year Awards during the presentation ceremony. Robbie McKenzie of the Grangemouth Broncos picked up Cadet Coach of the Year. Mark Fletcher of the Glasgow Tigers picked up Junior Coach of the Year, Gordon Third of the Aberdeen Oilcats picked up Youth Coach of the Year and Stuart McKay picked up Senior Coach of the Year. There was also a special Merit Award for recognition of a member's contribution to flag football over the years. This went to Stu McKay whose sterling work as Chairman of the Association was deemed worthy of the gong.

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1. 5on5 Flag Football is the non-contact version of American Football endorsed by the Scottish Claymores and the NFL.

2. The Scottish Flag Football Association (SFFA) is the governing body for Flag Football in Scotland.

3.North/ East Conference Champions: Cadet - Grangemouth Broncos; Junior - Moray Maniacs; Youth - Kirkcaldy Bulls.

4. West/ Central Conference Champions: Cadet - Glasgow Siberian Tigers; Junior - Clyde Valley Predators; Youth - Glasgow Hornets

5. Senior Champions - Kikcaldy Bulls.