Drill 8: Bench Testing


All players must first go for repetitions with the primary weight of 100kg. If they cannot press 100kg then they can go to the alternative weight of 80kg.


Is an athlete cannot bench press 80kg he is given an “ O” on his group recording sheet.


Lifters hips must stay on the bench at all times and his feet must remain on the floor.


No bouncing of the bar off of the chest.


Elbows must be locked for 1 rep. To count.


Lifters should more at a steady pace no stopping of reps in the locked out position.


Bar cannot remain on the athletes chest for more than 3 seconds


The spotter counts each good lift as the bar reaches full extension. If the lift is no good the spotter should quickly tell the players why, i.e. bar not at chest, or arms not locked. This way the player knows if he is performing the lift correctly.

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