Drill 2: Vertical Jump

Each Player will make two (2) vertical jumps. Record both on the recording sheet provided. No “double” jumping will be allowed.


Hang a tape from a flat vertical surface. Be sure that it reaches at least 12 feet up the wall..


Measure standing reach height before attempting the jumps. With the player standing tight to the wall with thehis nearest arm extended up parelle agains the wall measure from the ground to the tip of his index finger.


Keeping  feet on the floor and bending from the knees, the athlete jumps and touches the wall at the highest possible point.


If possible have some chalk dust available so that the players can rub some on his fingers. Then he will be able to leave a mark on the wall where he touches it.


The hands should be a full streatch when the player is at the top of his jump not on the way down.


Subtract the standing reach height from the jump

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