Drill 6: 3 Cone Test

Each player will run the 3-cone test one (1) time. There are two (2) timers so record the best time on the recording sheet.

The athlete will start in a 3pt stance hand on line with cone 1. The athlete will start; touch the line that cone 2 is on, turn and sprint back to touch the original line (cone 1). He will then turn, sprint, turn right, round cone 2, towards cone 3. The athlete then turns UNDER then AROUND cone 3, back towards cone 2, round cone 2, back through the line of cone 1. Player cannot put his hand on the floor when turning round cones 2 & 3.

Timing will start when hand comes off the floor and will stop when the athlete crosses the line of cone 1. No time is recorded if the player touches or knocks over either cone 2 or 3.

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