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BAFA Statement on the BAFL
Jun 28, 2023 - 6:09:17 PM

THIS STATEMENT is made by CHARLES V FRASER MACNAMARA the Vice Chairman of BAFA and the BAFA Legal Officer in connection with the Benevolent Fund set up a number of years ago on behalf of the sport in general.

Once the League had been put into Administration it was BAFA’s intention to take specialist counsel’s opinion in relation to the clear breach of trust occasioned by the use of the Benevolent Fund monies for purposes other than those specified in its official intention.

The difficulty that BAFA has faced is obtaining sufficient written evidence of the set up of the Benevolent Fund and terms of the same.

Accordingly, in order to take further specialist advice of specialist legal counsel it will be necessary for written evidence to be obtained from whatever source possible.

Therefore, BAFA requests and requires the members of BAFA including the players, teams and former directors of the League to come forward with any written evidence which they have which will enable an opinion to be obtained at short notice.

In the absence of such evidence (the only evidence which appears as concrete financial evidence, is the report to the last league meeting in February 2010) it may not be possible or practical to obtain specialist advice.

Accordingly, it is in the interests of all members of BAFA’s organisation to co-operate and to provide such information as they have at the earliest opportunity to the BAFA legal office and Vice Chairman Charles V Fraser Macnamara whose details appear below:

Charles V Fraser Macnamara


Fraser Macnamara Solicitors

Ground Floor, Helen House

Great Cornbow, Halesowen

B64 3AB


Tel:       0121 550 7308          Fax:      0121 550 3882


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