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BAFA Statement on U18 Flag Athletes
Jun 11, 2023 - 5:33:16 PM

The British American Football Association can confirm that following a recent request and a review, athletes aged 16 and 17 years of age will be able to compete in the adult flag football programme.

The Governing Body has taken this step as an immediate and interim intervention to support the continued involvement of what is anticipated as a small number of athletes whilst steps are taken to consider wider, long term programmes to drive growth and increase sustainability of flag teams at this age range.

In taking the measures outlined above, the British American Football Association is aware that young athletes are being exposed to adult competition and training environments. It has therefore, provided the following guidelines for member teams:

  • Each athlete can only compete in the competition subject to a parental consent form being signed and returned. This will be available as a download from
  • All parties (athlete / parent or guardian) must be aware of who the club welfare officer is.
  • This intervention is aimed at ensuring access to football where there is currently a barrier. These athletes should only be competing in this one discipline during the 2010 season.
  • The Governing Body recognises that there is a fundamental difference between chronological age and maturational age. As with all disciplines of football the Head Coach must make a decision on the suitability and readiness of the athlete to undertake competition and training, irrespective of their age. Equally, they must make a decision on the suitability of their training programmes for their potential cohort of new athletes. Advice can be sought through the Coaches' Association.

If any coach has any queries please email and Cc

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