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BAFA Governance Review
By Andy Fuller BAFA Director for Student Football Development
Jun 15, 2023 - 5:17:16 PM

The British American Football Association is pleased to announce the framework for the BAFA Governance Review

The review will not only address the systems and structures employed by the Governing Body but will also look to crystalise the priorities which will form the strategic plan for the sport for the forthcoming years, building on the foundations of the Whole Sport Plan and the strategies developed as part of the Sport England funded Impact and Improvement project.

The framework will outline the key touch points for membership engagement in the work and the top line dates which will frame this.

The release of this document will be followed by the release of a series of documents providing further details on the remit and selection process for members of the constituent groups named within the framework.

BAFA intend to use the Governing Body website to provide key updates. In addition to this there will be use of a new twitter account: bafaofficial

In the interim, any detailed comments from members can be made to

My apologies the second document is delayed 24 hours. As per the note on personal circumstances have intervened somewhat but the document will go up tonight (Thursday).

A Fuller.

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