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BAFA Governance Review - Terms of Reference
By Andy Fuller, Governance Policy Forum
Jun 24, 2023 - 10:39:10 PM

The British American Football Association are pleased to release the Terms of Reference for the groups involved in the review process.

It is anticipated that the recommended framework will confer the following benefits:

  • The integration of all aspects of game development programmes in Great Britain;
  • The integration of business objectives as part of a coherent business-wide approach;
  • The creation of a partner-focused approach;
  • A clear governance structure based around both statutory requirements and the emergent needs of the sport; and
  • The integration of football development plans with business development plans.

This will in turn lead to:

  • Effective co-ordination, consolidation and progression of the ongoing work;
  • A process characterised by the principles of good corporate governance;
  • A more strategic approach game development investment, with investment awarded in priority areas against area structured plans
  • An opportunity to effectively monitor and evaluate strategy development and subsequent implementation;
  • An opportunity to view the whole game development investment landscape; and
  • An opportunity to place the development of the National Strategy in the context of a knowledge, influence, and competency framework
Membership of the respective groups.

The initial document released identifies opportunities for people to assume key roles within the process. The following process will be in place to support this engagement:

The Steering Group

All persons wishing be considered for the Steering Group will have to fill in a pro forma which will be made available for review by the membership prior to an election via the BAFA website.

This will include:
  • A named proposer and seconder
  • A section detailing their skills set and knowledge base which would make them appropriate to sit on the Steering Group.
The election will be conducted via email and within a designated time frame.

All voters will contain all information in the title of their email. This information will include
  • The preferred candidate name
  • The name of the voter
  • The team / association which the voter is registered with
  • The BAFA number
i.e. Candidate F, Terry Jones, London Team, 0003456

All votes will then be in one place for counting and access will be given for an external verifier. All voters will be checked against our central database.

The Sub Groups

Membership of the Sub Groups will be established via an application process. Each candidate will submit a pro forma which will emphasise their skills set and knowledge base relevant to both the Sub Group focus and to the management of projects.

Sub Group members will then be appointed by the Policy Panel.

BAFA will release further details relating to the Sub Group focus areas and the necessary documents for applications following the conclusion of the opportunity for members to provide initial feedback (June 28th).

If you have any questions then please email:

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