North v South

Head of the National Programme Riq Ayub will be overseeing the future of the GB Lions in the upcoming North South clash.

Photo courtesey Nigel Payne

As part of the developing National Programme headed by Riq Ayub the Southern and Northern trials continued throughout September with the North v South game taking place on Saturday 18th October in Birmingham.

With the GB Lions National team set to play in the European B Group tournament in July/August 2004 the aim of these trials and game was to look for the next crop of players to represent the nation and hopefully propel the Lions into the A group which takes place in 2005.

The trials were open to all but clearly the national programme is a long term plan so the emphasis was on the future.

The North v South clash in October was the opportunity for many players to showcase their talents in front of the National Director and NFL Europe coaches and to stake their claim to be part of the action in 2004 and beyond.

Match Summary



Steve Coles (Cardinals)  Run - Kick Failed


Mark Saunders (Knights) Run -  Kick Good - Garth Evans (Spartans)


Lennox Johnson (Blitz) Run - Kick Good (Evans)


Guy Robbins (Knights) Interception Return - Kick Good (Evans)


Anthony Perkins (Arrows) Run - Kick Failed



North -  Anthony Perkins (Arrows)

South -  Steve Coles (Cardinals)