National Director for Flag Football, Stuart McKay, is pleased to announce the GB Lions Senior Flag squad for 2005.

They are:

Paul Jeffreys (Scotland), Peter Riazi (England), Nick Watson (England), Justin Handley (England), Andy Leane (England), Tim Smith (England), Peter Steel (England), Dayle Kirby (England), David Mooney (Scotland) Gurkinda Mann(England)


Headcoach Stuart McKay (Scotland)

Defensive co-ordinator Mark Bramwell (Scotland)

Phillipe Crisp (England)

Manager Steven Maxwell

Trainer John Scougall

Headcoach McKay is delighted with the new squad, selected after the first ever national camp at Manchester last weekend.

This is without a doubt the best selection of players we have put together. Paul (Jeffreys) and Andy (Leane) both played a part in last years GB squad and its good to see them return in good form. The new additions to the squad impressed me from day 1. Not only in their attitude and pace, or their ability to work together as a team and learn the playbook in the space of a few hours, but the manner in which they approached the camp. Nothing pleases me more than a player who is coachable, they are a credit to their nations.

There is a change in the coaching staff as well, which sees last years players Mark Bramwell and Phillipe Crisp take a step up and join Headcoach McKay on the sidelines. Coach Bramwell commented.

I am very happy with the new look defense and how well the players have bought into the ideas and ethics we are trying to install into this years team. We have a brand new playbook for 2005, building on from what we did in 2004 at the World Cup, and what we saw in other teams. We have a lot to aspire to in order to compete on the world stage, and this is only the start of it. I am truly looking forward to September, and getting the chance to put all our hard work into action.

The team now focus their attention on the upcoming Euro championships in Helsinki in September. When pressed for a prediction on their success, Headcoach McKay would only comment I am confident and optimistic about the team we are taking, and Im sure we will make a good account of ourselves.