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BAFL confirms BBXXI details
By BAFL Media and Marketing
Feb 9, 2024 - 12:00:00 AM

The BAFL are delighted to confirm that BritBowl XXI will be played at Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield on September 22 and 23.

In addition to the BAFL Premier, BAFL 1 and BAFL 2 national championship finals, BritBowl XXI will also feature the BYAFA national final for youth. In a change to the familiar format, to accommodate the BYAFA youth final, BritBowl XXI will commence on Saturday afternoon with the BAFL 2 national championship game followed by the ‘winner takes all’ BAFL 1 final - under floodlights. On the Sunday, the BYAFA will kick-off at noon, followed, the BAFL Premier final - BritBowl - at 4:00pm.

Speaking on the inclusion of the BYAFA final and change of format, BAFL Chairman, Glen Schild, commented "The inclusion of a youth exhibition game at BritBowl XX proved a success! Behind the scenes, the BAFL and BYAFA have been working hard to develop a relationship that will support both organisations. The inclusion of the BYAFA final is the first visible sign of this good work!".

On speaking of the inclusion of the BYAFA final at BritBowl XXI, BYAFA Chairman, Wendy Bamford added, "BYAFA’s 2007 Youth Kitted season receives a massive lift before a single tackle has been made or a ball thrown with this announcement - we are delighted to have such a prestigious billing at BritBowl". 

In addition to confirmation of the format of BritBowl XXI, the BAFL are delighted to introduce the BritBowl XXI logo.


"This years BritBowl XXI logo has been designed to honour the home of American Football, Sheffield, with a design that incorporates metallic/steel effect to reflect the heritage of the city" commented Ken Walters, BAFL Media and Marketing Director. "The BritBowl XXI logo also includes a representation of the Boston Trophy - which will be competed for by Birmingham Bulls, Bristol Aztecs, Coventry Cassidy Jets, East Kilbride Pirates, Gateshead Senators, London Blitz, London Olympians and Southern Sundevils".

The first games of the regular season are on April 8th when Cambridgeshire Cats meet Maidstone Pumas, Lancashire Wolverines meet Manchester Titans and Nottingham Caesars meet East Midlands Saxons.

The build-up to BritBowl XXI will be delivered with weekly press releases entitled ‘The road to BritBowl XXI’ and the season will kick-off with a podcast that is scheduled for release on March 25th - the weekend of the EFAF General Assembly held at the Tower of London.

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