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The BAFL announces plans for professional American Football competition in GB
By BAFL Media and Marketing
Nov 1, 2023 - 9:07:11 AM

After the great success of the recent Dolphins/Giants NFL regular season game at Wembley Stadium, the BAFL is delighted to formally announce it plans to to investigate the potential of professional or semi-professional competition here in Great Britain.

BAFL Chairman. Glen Schild, stated “This topic has been discussed informally by many within our sport over recent years. After the success of the recent game at Wembley, the BAFL are delighted to confirm that they will be formalising a working group to investigate the viability of a semi-professional/professional competition here in Great Britain”. Glen continued, “The working group will consist of BAFL Directors as well as invitees from British spectator sports, and key personnel from the British sporting landscape”.

BAFA WSP Manager and BAFL Media and Marketing Director, Ken Walters, added, “The BAFL working group will undoubtedly benefit from the recent increase in profile the National Governing Body, BAFA, has been enjoying. Initial discussions have already taken place with other high profile National Governing Bodies as well as government agencies”. Ken added, “A key to the success for this project will rely upon working with commercial partners. We have had increased interest from potential investors recently as well as terrestrial TV broadcasters”.

Whilst the primary focus of the project will be on how to create and sustain a successful professional American Football competition here in Great Britain, by-products of the working group will address the challenges that are faced by many at grassroots.

BAFL Development Director, Jeremy Rogers commented, “It is important to note our work in this field will benefit, in many ways, all clubs in the BAFL”. Jeremy added, “One of the many objectives of this project will be to establish an extension of the player pathway detailed in the BAFA Whole Sport Plan”.

Speaking about athlete development, BAFL Performance Director, Simon Newnham added, “This project will potentially include developing one or many centres of excellence and an “Academy athlete status” similar to that which the FA has in Great Britain”. Simon, a consultant to BAFA and the NFL, added, “It will be a priority of the project to ensure athlete welfare is appropriately addressed”.

BAFL Operations Director, Mark Blyth, added, “I look forward with anticipation to working with colleagues from other sports - this will undoubtedly open doors that will improve the facilities for all our clubs in Great Britain”.

BAFL Administrations Director, Nigel Clift, added, “I have visited all the teams within the BAFL over the last few years. Many of whom face similar challenges and issues - namely, more and better coaches, referees and volunteers”. Nigel added “Part of my role in this working group is to ensure these are included in the project”.

In summing up, Glen Schild concluded “Whilst this project will be primarily investigating the potential of a professional competition in Great Britain, working with people from other professional sports will benefit players, coaches, referees, volunteers and fans - the five pillars of our sport and the content of the BAFA campaign”.

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