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BAFL meets Flag stakeholders to scope out inaugural BAFL Flag season in 2008
By BAFL Media and Marketing
Nov 26, 2023 - 12:54:34 PM

The BAFL are delighted to confirm that a meeting with BAFL Directors and key stakeholders in the non-contact version of the sport (Flag Football) took place in Bristol recently to scope out the future of the sport for adults in Great Britain.
Present at the meeting were BAFL Chairman, Glen Schild, BAFL Operations Director, Mark Blyth, BAFL Development Director, Jeremey Rogers, BAFL Performance Director, Simon Newnham, BAFL Media and Marketing Director, Ken Walters, SFFA President, Mark Fletcher and ESFL Chairman, Dr Neil Henderson.

At the meeting, the following agenda was discussed:
  1. Corporate Governance
  2. Competition Structure
  3. Operations
  4. Finance
  5. Development
  6. Media and Marketing
  7. Administration
  8. National Finals

The following outcomes were agreed:
  1. BAFL Flag was confirmed to the stakeholders as the BAFA appointed representative body to deliver the non-contact version of the sport (Flag Football) for adults
  2. The BAFL Flag Chairman, Glen Schild, will represent the sport at the BAFA Board
  3. The BAFL Flag executive team will consist of the incumbent BAFL directorate
  4. BAFL Flag will adopt EFAF and IFAF practices and policies
  5. Constitutionally, BAFL Flag will be a ‘department’ of the BAFL
  6. BAFL Flag will manage league operations from a national perspective
  7. The British league will consist of the following twelve conferences*:
    1. Scotland
    2. Northern Ireland
    3. Wales
    4. North East England
    5. North West England
    6. East England
    7. East Midlands (England)
    8. West Midlands (England)
    9. South East England
    10. South West England
    11. London
    12. Yorkshire
  8. Regional competitions committees will be recruited to manage each region
  9. Application for the league will be available from the BAFL on December 1
  10. Team applications must be received on or before February 11 2008
  11. Any team that applies after this date will be eligible to compete on a ‘friendly basis’ with other BAFL Flag teams - but will not eligible for the 2008 national championships
  12. The season will commence in April 2008 and conclude in August 2008
  13. Tournaments and games throughout the season will derive regional champions*
  14. One champion from each region* will be eligible for the BAFL Flag National Championships
  15. The BAFL Flag National Championships will take place in September 2008
  16. BAFL Flag commits to supporting the BAFA national programme

* Subject to the number of applications received for the 2008 season, some conferences may be merged. Where regional conferences are merged, only one team may be entered from the ‘merged’ conference for the BAFL Flag National Championships.
“The meeting was a great success” commented BAFL Chairman, Glen Schild “The BAFL would like to thank Dr Neil Henderson and Mark Fletcher for their positive contribution at the meeting - we look forward to an exciting inaugural season and National Championships in 2008”.

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