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Membership to BAFA increase in-line with inflation
Jan 27, 2024 - 4:24:58 PM

The BAFA confirms that the membership fee will increase in-line with inflation with effect from April 2009.
At a recent BAFA board of Directors meeting, the topic of establishing an annual increase in membership fees was discussed.
BAFA Finance Director, Glen Schild, confirmed that the last increase was in 2005 when it rose from £10 to £20 to support its development plans. However, this was discounted in 2006 by 50% to reflect the work undertaken at that time.
In 2007/8, BAFA embarked on commissioning consultants to research, create and publish its Whole Sport Plan. In 2007/8, it commenced delivery of this plan. During this period, the membership fees returned to £20 and the decision to change the fees in-line with inflation is, after two and a half years of work, reflective of the increase in costs of delivery.
The outcomes, unanimously agreed by the BAFA Directors), are as follows:
1. A retrospective inflationary increase in 2009 for the period 2009 to 2010 inclusive
2. An inflationary increase in future years from 2010.

Glen Schild confirmed, “With effect from April 1st, 2009, the BAFA membership fees will increase to £24 per adult and £12 per youth”. Glen continued, In future years, the fee will increase in-line with inflation and by not more than 10% subject to the needs of the NGB to deliver its plans”.

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Membership to BAFA increase in-line with inflation
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