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Governance Review Sub Group Focus Areas
Jul 7, 2023 - 11:13:25 PM

The British American Football Association is pleased to announce the initial Governance Review Sub Group areas.

Shortly the Governing Body will release forms which will enable members to apply for roles on the respective Sub Groups. In the interim however, the focus areas are published to enable members to make an informed decision as to whether they should apply for election to the Steering Group, apply for selection to a Sub Group or indeed, do both.

These areas have been chosen after careful consideration. They do not however, represent a definitive list. Should it be considered appropriate over the course of the project, further ones can be added and remits can be redefined or refined as necessary.

The parameters for each group will be released alongside the application forms.

The initial Sub Groups:
  • Business Development (with a particular focus upon commercial / revenue generation)
  • Talent Development
  • Workforce Development
  • Community Competitions Structure
  • Flag Football Youth
  • Flag Football Adult
  • Contact Football Youth
Please read these in relation to the Terms of Reference document

Naturally it is recognised that there are overlaps across many of these but it is the remit of the Steering Group to work to consolidate and evaluate responses and propose strategy and priorities based upon a holistic perspective.


  1. Earlier this year the BUAFL announced that there would be a consideration of future structures for the competition. The groundwork for this has been done prior to launch and this will integrate into wider consideration of competition structures (above) to ensure a coherent approach. At such time, it may be appropriate to consider where other areas of the the competitions (community and university) should be reviewed in order to establish how potential changes could deliver benefit to the sport. A further announcement will be made on how this will progress shortly.
  2. The announcement of the BAFA Board members to sit on the Steering Group will now be made on Saturday following the BAFA Board meeting.

Update: The BAFA Board members who will sit on the Steering Group will be: N Rockell; D Parsons and J Messenger.


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