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Frequently asked questions #1
Mar 3, 2023 - 9:34:02 PM

BAFA has issued a further statement answering some of the questions that are frequently being asked by people in the sport.

What is the status of the Central Registration System?

While the original CRS developed during 2008 appeared to run effectively that year and early 2009, since then a number of operational and technical issues have come to light. On taking control from the previous CRS Manager when he left in early 2009, it became apparent that the level of automation of the system was not as advanced as had been suggested, and operation was actually very labour intensive.

It was agreed by all the associations then in BAFA that an attempt must be made to salvage the work done and fix the system if possible. This was only partially successful through 2009 and led to a decision last autumn that the system basically needs to be replaced. Meanwhile, the BAFA Board looked at a number of methods of creating an online system, both bespoke and off the shelf. A preferred method has been arrived at but this is highly unlikely to be available in time for the start of the 2010 summer season.

At the BAFA Board meeting on 6th February 2010, the Board discussed at some length the intermediate process of registrations, and came up with a solution for how these could be processed, similar to the system in 2009. One of the BAFL representives agreed to run this system on behalf of BAFA. At no time did the BAFL representatives say or hint that they already had an alternative registration system available.

BAFA is now putting in place an intermediate solution for registrations whilst the specifications for a more universal (online) system are re-examined in light of the changing structure of BAFA. A team of people to run this has been identified and they are currently working on the forms and processes.

What is the status of CRB services for BAFA members?

BAFA has now completed the process of putting in place a CRB checking system under the umbrella body TMG CRB. Setting this up has been progressing for some time and was described at the recent BAFA Board meeting as "available imminently". BAFA has considered the option of making CRB checks free by absorbing the costs from the central budget (from fees collected). The current governance issues make accurate income projections for the 2010/2011 financial year somewhat uncertain, but once this becomes clearer, a final decision can be made. Meanwhile, the system is in operation at a small cost to the applicant (BAFA makes no money from this).

What is the status of the delivery of the recent Sport England Impact and Improvement award?

BAFA is delighted that the I&I projects are now all up and running.

  • The coaching and officiating clinics have been advertised (with the latter linking in with workforce development meetings proposed by the Referees' Association to establish the effective recruitment, retention and development of officials across competitions)
  • The Youth football strategy is being refined
  • The Flag football strategy is being refined
  • BAFA is working towards the the Equity Standard for Sport
  • Core staff from Oaks and Press Red are working to establish the 'Beacon Club' programme

What is the status of BAFA's financial management?

After the departure of the previous BAFA Finance Director in early 2009, the BAFL Finance Director, Pat Mapleston, was co-opted to take over that role for BAFA as an interim appointment. Pat has done an extremely good job during his tenure in handling the BAFA finances and has submitted the BAFA accounts on time. It was hoped that he could be persuaded to continue in this role but he has indicated his desire to step down from all roles in football at the end of March 2010.

BAFA has now moved to put in place a new finance officer, Richard Prattley, in good time to ensure a smooth hand-over.

What is the status of moving towards single Association status?

In July 2009, BAFL representatives reported on how they would move towards the aim. They stated that it would be unlikely that they could make further progress until late 2010.

BAFA is now ready and able to move towards having all competition streams under a single governance structure with immediate effect, a goal that was started under the first Impact and Improvement project in 2007 when BAFL absorbed SGA and later BYAFA.

Open consultation will take place over the next few months on the future governance structure for BAFA. During this process BAFA will ensure fair and adequate representation for adult and youth members, for both contact and flag disciplines. This will be based around a presentation made at the July 2009 meeting relating to an interim framework for BAFA governance.

Who provides insurance for players, coaches, officials, etc.?

The individual insurance schemes operated by leagues were amalgamated into a central BAFA scheme some time ago. Since then, members have had BAFA insurance paid for through their league fee (this is optional in BUAFL where some universities provide insurance through their athletic/students unions) and BAFA will continue to offer the current scheme to all players, coaches, officials and volunteers within the NGB.

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