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Changing the structure
Mar 5, 2023 - 9:01:09 PM

BAFA has announced its plan for changing the structure of British American football.

Pre-season meeting

BAFA   will host a pre-season meeting for all ex-BAFL   teams on 20th March 2010 (venue to be advised). Each team (flag/contact, adult/youth/junior) will be entitled to send two representatives. Extra places may be applied for, space permitting at the venue.

The agenda for this meeting will be:

1.     Question and answer session with   BAFA Board members

2.     Introduction of the Community Leagues Organising Committee (CLOC)

3.     Formation of a Club Council for the ex-BAFL   teams

4.     Review of (and agreement on) competition structure, rules and fixtures

5. Presentation and review of budget for 2010-11

Representation and communication

With BAFL no longer a member organisation at the BAFA table, there will be no BAFL representative directors. To ensure the ex-BAFL   clubs and participation streams are adequately represented, and that BAFA   has adequate communication channels to receive feedback,   BAFA   will create a Club Council who will have direct input to the   BAFA   Board. The actual composition of the Council will be formalised in agreement with all the teams at the coming pre-season meeting, but as a suggestion would comprise of one representative from each of:

·          Adult Contact Premiership

·          Adult Contact First Division

·          Adult Contact Second Division

·          Youth and Junior Contact

·          Adult Flag

·          Youth, Junior and Cadet Flag

·          Scottish and Welsh clubs (unless adequately represented from above)

The Council will remain in being until the future governance structure for   BAFA   is agreed and implemented after full consultation with all members and parties. The Council will be free to meet and consult at any time and will nominate any two of the representatives to attend   BAFA   Board meetings.

BAFA’s appointed Community Leagues Organising Committee (CLOC), which will administer the leagues and tournaments for this year and work closely with the Club Council, will also have two representatives at   BAFA   Board meetings. The   CLOC   and Council may include some of the same individuals. The   CLOC   and Council will each be asked to nominate a BAFA director.

This temporary structure will be replaced in the near future with the new formal governance structure for the sport, which will be implemented at an open General Meeting.


If you have comments on any the above, please contact any BAFA director.

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