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BAFA Review Update
Dec 24, 2023 - 4:26:58 PM

Dear All

I write to inform you of the progress which has been made in the BAFA Strategic Review and to advise you of the next steps and your involvement in these. As you may be aware, we have faced a number of challenges and, for a variety of reasons, fallen behind the original timescales which we laid out for this project. We hope that this update will let you see what has been done so far and how we intend to bring the project back into line.

As outline in the Review of Governance Process Overview (Version 1.3, June 2010) which is attached, the four key stages of enquiry of the project are as follows:

• The collective ‘Values’ of the BAFA community – a consensus of belief in what our sport is and should be like. Leading to;
• A Vision for future operations and development
• The Systems and Structures required to deliver the vision.
• The profile of the People tasked to operate the systems and structures.

The first of these stages has involved the collation of a report, through the creation of sub groups, each with a specific area of focus (namely Competitions, Youth and Junior Football, Flag Football, Workforce Development, Talent Identification and Development (TID) and Business Development). Each was asked to carry out a basic audit of their work area and consider ideas and options in line with the Sport England development ethos of; ‘Grow, Sustain and Excel.’

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the individuals who were involved in this initial fact-finding stage. It has provided an excellent starting point for the next part of the process.

Next, we require the feedback of the membership on these initial ideas. This will be carried out as follows: The initial report will be made available to all BAFA members from noon on Saturday 5th February 2011, at which time a link to an online form will also be provided, allowing individuals to give their feedback. This channel will remain open for two weeks, while the Steering Group (the main body overseeing this process) reconvenes.

Also during this two week period, beginning on Saturday 5th, we will be accepting applications for individuals to form ongoing working groups as the successors to the initial sub groups (full details of this application process will be provided at the time of launch). The feedback will first be considered by the Steering Group, then disseminated to the working groups who will work with the Steering Group to form stage two of the above - a vision for future operations and development. This process will last for 4 weeks (from 19 February to 19 March), with a further four weeks for the creation and syndication of the ‘Vision for future operations’ report (to be made public on 16th April).

I hope that this has given a clear outline of where we are in the process and I look forward to receiving your feedback on the initial report. Please disseminate this information to the individuals within your club and encourage them to take part in shaping the direction for our sport.

Kind regards,

Andy Fuller

BAFA Review Policy Panel

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