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BAFA Review - Developing the Working Groups
Dec 27, 2023 - 9:54:14 PM

The British American Football Association is pleased to release he submission form should any person wish to be considered for a role in the newly constituted Working Groups who will support the drive to creating a new national strategy for BAFA.

Each Working Group will ideally comprise a membership of no more than five persons and will focus upon building upon the tremendous work which was undertaken by the topic-specific Sub Groups who featured in the first phase of the BAFA Review.

Using the information accumulated in the first phase of the Review and combining this with both the feedback received from the wider membership and interested parties and additional onoging research, the Working Groups will work closely with the Steering Group to produce a series of fully business planned recommendations for the development of the sport in their area.

These evidence-based recommendations will be made via a stand pro forma which will require a summary of the recommendation made; a delivery plan for the implementation of the recommendation; a cost-analysis of the plan, and a series of milestones and outcomes by which progress and success can be measured.

These plans then form the basis of the emerging National Strategy as the Steering Group consolidate the information and translate it into a coherent strategy.

Once this has been acheived, it is anticipated that some of the Working Groups may evolve for a third time - this time into more formal Standing Committees who will convene on a periodic basis to monitor and evaluate progress in their particular area and continue to shape the work of the Governing Body so that it is fit for purpose at any given time. The framework for this is yet to be fully defined.

Submissions of the forms should be made to:

The date for submission is Midnight Wednesday 23rd February 2011. This represents a slight extension to the originally forecast timescale. Decisions are to be made by the Policy Panel and BAFA welcomes interest from members and will also liaise with members of the previous Sub Groups as to future invovlement.

Forms can be found here (scroll to bottom of download list)

Any queries please contact Andy Fuller on 07971 497792

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