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BAFA Review Documentation
Dec 25, 2023 - 10:50:45 AM

The British American Football Association is pleased to release the Initial Report from the Review Steering Group.

The Report will serve to act as a platform for further, focused discussion amongst the BAFA membership and more widely.

Once members have had the opportunity to digest the content there is the opportunity to provide considered feedback. This can either focus upon what is contained in the Report or on what people may feel is absent.

The formal method for feedback will be via a pro forma which will go to the Steering Group who will consolidate the information for use as the work progresses.

The pro forma requires respondants to structure their feedback in a particular way and to focus upon a particular issue. Whilst each pro forma requires a topic-specific approach there is no limit to how many an individual can submit.

The feedback pro formas will be available from each Association within BAFA and teams will have copies emailed to them. A copy can be downloaded from here (at the bottom of the listed documents)

During the period allocated for feedback BAFA will be looking to reconvene and reconstitute the Sub Groups who led the review of their particular topic. These will now become Working Groups with a new remit.

It was recognised that whilst one or two groups had, at the end, considerable invovlement, there were others which required more engagement. Expressions of Interest from those who were not involved previously will be sought alongside ones from people who were.

The Expression of Interest pro forma will be made available as a download later today from a further news article which explains the process in a little more depth.

All feedback and comment should be directed to:

Please note that following requests today the feedback period has been extended until March 1st. This potentially will have a knock on effect on other timescales - something which will be confirmed in due course.


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