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BAFA Community Leagues Website Launch
Apr 2, 2023 - 1:11:15 PM

The BAFA Community League Organising Committee (CLOC) is pleased to announce the launch of the new BAFA CL website and forum at

The new website features pages for each form of football, to give proper focus to each area of the game. The site allows BAFA to easily manage fixtures and results for each discipline and division of football. The site also has features to allow teams to contribute news, photos, statistics and more.

While the website is still a work in progress it is time to give British football back it's window to the outside world.

Teams will have the facility to upload their own information to the relevant areas, submit match reports, statistics and news reports. Shortly there will be requests for team information, such as links and logo's, to help finish the structure and look of the site.

More details will come through the website over the next few weeks.
The Forum has become a staple of the Britball experience for many. Open dialogue is encouraged but users are reminded that if you can't say it under your real name then it's not worth saying.

The CLOC feel this is another step in the teams taking their sport and turning it around and hope that everyone will pitch in and help where requested to make sure the website and forum become something for all in the sport to be proud of. 

Any queries please contact

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