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Record Participation in BUAFL
Apr 7, 2023 - 10:09:56 PM

The British Universities American Football League is delighted to announce that as the 2009/10 season draws to a close the sport has seen record levels of participation across British universities and anticipates even further growth to come when the Emerging University teams seeking to join the League for the 2010/11 season complete their registrations.

British American Football Association Director for Student Football Development Andy Fuller warmly welcomed the news:

I am absolutely delighted with the news that the League continues to break records for participation with a c13% growth for the regular season.  However, it is important to recognise that this success is not achieved lightly. Throughout the year a considerable amount of hard work is put into a team's development and the promotion of the game on campus. The League would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the BUAFL's teams for this season - from players and coaches through to university staff.

Fuller added On top of the record team entries we had for the National Championships this season we have a host of Emerging University teams playing their associate games over the next couple of months as they seek to secure entry into next year's Championships and even more teams in the early stages of development ready to compete from 2011 onwards.

The League has been delighted that some of these teams have been afforded considerable support in their development through the Sport England Awards for All programme. The League is also aware of its responsibility to ensure that these new teams are sustainable and provide a positive experience for students and the work which our management team is doing to support new teams through our Emerging Universities workshops will hopefully pay dividends in the near future.

Beyond this, the investment being made into the recruitment, retention and development of new officials and coaches and the enhanced infrastructure to support community football through Sport England's Impact and Improvement fund will further serve to reinforce this growth in our sector.

Fuller concluded by highlighting the work being done to create some of the biggest sporting events on campus across the country Whilst undoubtedly we are pleased with our year on year growth, it is important to recognise too, that our league is also defined by the excellent work being done by teams to create some of the best game day experiences in student sport. Bath University's The Sting, Derby University's DAB Bowl and the Varsity Games have become tremendous showcases for not only football but for student sport, building on Birmingham University's annual xpLosION event which this season not only attracted the usual thousands of spectators but also dignitaries from across European football as wider interest in the League continues to grow.

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