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Statement from BAFA Board of Directors
Feb 4, 2024 - 12:09:51 AM

On 10 July 2023 a final demand was made by BAFA to BSAFA in the sum of 21,129.14 representing BAFA registration fees still outstanding for the 2005-06 Season and Wilson footballs.

On 26 July the sum of 12,000 cash was paid into the BAFA account leaving a residual debt of 9,129.14. On 27 July the BAFA Board of Directors suspended the voting rights of BSAFA due to the fact that a sum of 9,129.14 remained outstanding.

No further moneys were forthcoming and therefore on 13 October reminders were sent out again requesting immediate payment. With each BSAFA team having now paid a minimum of 250 BAFA registration fees to BSAFA in October 2006 the outstanding debt to BAFA has increased by a sum of 9,750.

Furthermore BAFA has an Official Ball Deal with Wilson Sporting Goods which means that associations can now obtain the official ball for as little as 33 each. The terms and conditions of this agreement means that all orders need to be placed via BAFA. Two attempts have been made by BSAFA to order footballs direct from Wilson in direct contradiction to the agreed process. The total amount of these orders amounts to 6,690.51 therefore the total amount now due to BAFA by BSAFA totals 25,569.65.

On 23 January 2024 a cheque for 6,690.51 was paid into the BAFA account leaving the outstanding balance of 18,879.14. This figure does not include registration fees collected over and above the initial amount covering 25 members per team.

With so much money still outstanding, the BAFA Board of Directors is presently taking legal advice and will issue a further statement shortly.

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