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BSAFA Update
Jul 4, 2023 - 9:44:30 AM

The British American Football Association (BAFA) is continuing efforts to recover approximately £19,000 owed to it by the British Students American Football Association (BSAFA). In June, BSAFA made a proposal concerning debt repayments, but BAFA found that proposal to be grossly inadequate.

On legal advice, BAFA now regards the BSAFA organisation as financially insolvent, as it does not have a robust policy to trade out of its predicament. Consequently, BAFA has instructed its legal team to commence action to recover the outstanding debt against the BSAFA directors who racked up the debt and those who are failing to repay it.

Commenting on the subject, BAFA Chairman Gary Marshall stated, "It is with regret that this action must be taken. BAFA have exhausted all timely avenues of resolution in this matter with BSAFA". He added, "The BAFA Board of Directors must now reflect and decide whether there is a place for the BSAFA organisation, in its present form and structure, within the NGB in light of the information they have provided to us".

On the future of student participation in American Football in Great Britain Gary also commented, "BAFA remains committed to providing an equitable environment that maximises the opportunities for students in Great Britain to play football, including at institutions that don't yet have teams. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Athletic Unions who have supplied letters of support to BAFA as part of our application for BUSA membership - we look forward to working with them in the future".

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