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BAFA/NFL JPD camps for 2007
By BAFA Media and Marketing
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In January 2005/6 the NFL introduced the Junior Player Development (JPD) program to the UK. The JPD program allows young persons with no previous playing experience the opportunity to play American Football. Participants take part in a four-day camp where they tryout at every position. NFL Europe coaches and national players work along side club coaches to teach the young people the basic skills of each position. The children are loaned full safety equipment and uniforms so they can really get to see and feel what Football is all about.

In August 2005 the first UK camp took place in Chippenham in partnership with the Bath Cardinals. Fifty-five local school children ranging in ages from 12 to 16 enjoyed four days of basic training. Since then camps have taken place in partnership with  Gateshead Senators and Woodham Warriors, Sussex Thunder, East Kent Mavericks and Cinque Port Monarchs.

The benefits to the clubs are numerous, including:
  • Professional assistance in organising and planning the camp.
  • Access to full safety equipment for the duration of the camp.
  • Professional medical staff for the duration of the camp.
  • Assistance with building relationships with local community sports stake holders (councils, sports development bodies etc).
  • Enhanced profile in the local community.
  • Valuable experience on how to organise, promote and run development camps/activities in the future.
  • Ability to recruit from a group of 50-100 participants.
  • New recruits have prior contact with the coaches and the confidence to come to club practise for the first time.
  • The kids arrive for practise with prior knowledge and fundamental skills.

Not only does the JPD program help clubs recruit players for existing programs and new Football initiatives, it is especially good for flag programs whose players are ready to cross over to tackle Football.

The BAFA are pleased to announce that, in partnership with the NFL, are undertaking the planning and organising of the 2007 JPD program. Clubs wishing to host a JPD camp should contact Simon Newnham at for an application form. Application forms should be completed and returned by Friday 9th March for consideration.

To be considered to host a camp clubs will have to meet certain criteria and standards as set out by the BAFA. These relate to coaching levels and qualification, child protection issues, organisation and management requirements and ability to provide adequate facilities for new recruits. Full details of these criteria will accompany the JPD application forms.

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