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Super Bowl 2013 : Expect a Close Game

Jan 31, 2024   //   by david   //   News  //  Comments Off

This years Super Bowl will host a game watched by millions which features Baltimore Vs San Francisco.

Both teams carry two of the best kickers in the game both Justin Tucker for Baltimore and San Francisco’s David Akers so we can expect them both to have a massive impact on the final score line

Baltimore coordinator Jerry Rosburg said : ”I think special teams can have an impact on every NFL game because games are so close, We think it’s going to be a great match-up and the special teams will be a big part of the game.”

Justin Tucker aged 23 came into the side as the rookie but has connected 30 out 33 field goal attempts.

David Akers aged 38 has had a poor season hitting just 29 out of 42 but his experience in Super Bowl games gives him an extra edge over other players.

This is what Akers had to say: ”An inch is a mile in this game, We’re not missing by much. We’re doing great in practice, doing great in pre-game.

“It’s just one of those things that if I had the answer I would have fixed it a long time ago.”

He also added : ”It’s not like I forgot how to kick, it’s just that we’ve had issues that have come up,”

Tucker has had the complete opposite season and is probably in his best form. The man who was signed up by Baltimore from the University of Texas Where they transformed his technique.

Justin had this to say: “I made a 180-degree transformation from the kicker I was in college technically to the point where I have so much more control over my ball now.

“I feel like it’s hard for me to miss.”




NFL Surprise Competition for the Olympic Stadium

Nov 2, 2023   //   by david   //   News  //  Comments Off

It was thought that west ham united were strong favourites to obtain the Olympic stadium after Tottenham Hotspur pulled out after they were told they could not remove the track  but now it has emerged that the NFL could be strong contenders for the stadium as they look to base a team in London.

In the recent NFL game between the New England Patriots and St Louis Rams the wembly stadium had a capacity of 84,000. which suggest the NFL could be a great success in England.

The mayor’s spokesperson noted: “Sunday’s game at Wembley, in front of more than 80,000 fans, further cements London’s reputation as the natural home of American football outside of the US.

Also the fact that West ham will find it hard to pay for the £200m for the installation of retractable seating suggest that the NFL could become strong favorites.