BAFA Investment Kick-Starts Youth Football

The British American Football Association has announced those projects which can be supported by equipment from the ground-breaking Kick-Start programme.

The Kick-Start project, supported by IFAF, the global Governing Body for the sport, will give young people around the country the chance to play football by providing a series of start-up activities with an equipment loan, thereby reducing one of the principle access barriers to the sport and also addressing the issue of retention.

Jim Messenger, BAFA Board member and lead-director for the Kick-Start Programme said: ‘We would like to thank all parties involved with the fourteen applications received. These came from as far apart as Cornwall, Kent and the North-East. After considering all the applications in detail, we have selected the seven we adjudged to be the strongest to receive the loan of equipment. Although we do not have the resources at present to provide equipment to the other seven, we will maintain contact and assist with their development where we can. Click here