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By Michael Preston – IFAF
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1. National Team calls on Hayley (London Free Press, Canada)
2. IFAF Junior World Championship Website (Football-Austria.com)
3. Junior World Championship Wemsbite Launched (NFLCanada.com)
4. American Football programs just keep rolling along (The Nassau Guardian, Bahamas)
5. Lt. Gov. Fisher visits City Hall, tour Hercules plant (Canton Repository, USA)
6. El alteta Mexicano en el programa del USA football International Student aclanza los playoffs (Tackleo.com, Mexico)
7. El Mexicano Danny Agee consigue nominaciones para All-Conference y All-State (Tackleo.com, Mexico)            
8. Prep Notebook: Scurran to coach All-stars (Tucson Citizen, USA)
1. National Team calls on Haylor
By Morris Dalla Costa
The London Free Press
Friday, November 21


Former Western Mustangs head coach Larry Haylor is heading back to the sidelines.

Haylor was named head coach for Canada's first entry into the International Federation of American Football (IFAF) senior world championship in 2011.

"In the last two years I've spent a lot of time examining the structure and looking at the best practices and policies in football," Haylor said. "I believe we're at a good point to begin this process. And nowhere in this country is there a better group to draw from than with the CIS football coaches."

Current Mustangs coach Greg Marshall was named as one of five assistants.

The site is yet to be determined but it will be in Europe.

2. IFAF Junior World Championship Website
Wednesday, November 19
https://football-austria.com/news/newsdetail.php?id=2594&xgr=1 <https://football-austria.com/news/newsdetail.php?id=2594&xgr=1>
Online-Heimat der Junioren-Weltmeisterschaft

Die IFAF erwartet Footballfans aus mehr mehr als 50 Nationen auf der Webseite www.JWCFootball.com.
Die Website wird die Online-Heimat des IFAF Junior-Turniers, welches im Fawcett Stadion, angrenzend an die Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, im Juni des nächsten Jahres gespielt wird.

Sie wird umfassende Informationen über jede der sechs Nationen bieten, die bereits für das Turnier qualifiziert sind und Berichte über jene fünf Länder, die noch um die beiden offenen Plätze eine Qualifikation spielen.

"Diese Webseite bietet den Football-Fans aus der ganzen Welt alles was sie über die 2009 IFAF Junior World Championship wissen wollen", so IFAF Präsident Tommy Wiking. "Egal, ob Sie etwas über die Geschichte des Footballs in den Teilnehmerländern erfahren wollen, Informationen über die Qualifying-Spiele suchen, oder während des Turniers die Live-Online-Spiele verfolgen wollen – das alles gibt es auf www.JWCFootball.com <https://www.JWCFootball.com> ."


3. Junior World Championship Website Launched
A website dedicated to bringing football fans the latest and most up to date news from the 2009 IFAF (International Federation of American Football) Junior World Championship has been launched.

The website www.JWCFootball.com will be the online home of the inaugural IFAF junior tournament to be played at Fawcett Stadium, adjacent to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, in June of next year.

The site will feature comprehensive information on each of the six nations (including Canada) that have already qualified for the event and will follow the fortunes of the five countries trying to claim the two remaining berths to Canton.

“This website will provide football fans from around the world with everything they wish to know about the 2009 IFAF Junior World Championship,” said IFAF President Tommy Wiking. “Whether you want to learn about the history of football in one of the competing countries, find out more about the qualifying games, or follow the games live online – all that will be accessible through www.JWCFootball.com.”

When the games kickoff in Canton on June 27, 2009, live stats will be available exclusively through the official tournament website along with regularly updated game recaps, photographs and reaction from players and coaches.

Fans will be able to buy tickets online, check team rosters, read about the Pro Football Hall of Fame and what host city Canton has to offer, enjoy player interviews and keep up to date with the latest news from the IFAF Junior World Championship. The website will also feature photo galleries, videos, sponsor opportunities and media resources.

JWC games between the world’s eight best high school-aged (19 and under) national teams from four continents will be played on Saturday, June 27 and continue on Wednesday, July 1 and Saturday, July 4, before the Championship Game on Sunday, July 5. The United States qualified automatically as host along with number one seed Canada. Germany, Sweden and France will fly Europe’s flag, while Japan will represent Asia. Either Australia or New Zealand and one from Mexico, Panama or the Bahamas will complete the tournament field.

The International Federation of American Football (IFAF) unites more than 50 countries on five continents through a burgeoning international sport. With national football federations in existence for more than 70 years, IFAF was created in 1998 to organize and further develop the game through international cooperation and global competition. Having conducted Senior World Championships (players aged 20 and older) since 1999 in Europe and Asia, summer 2009 in Canton, Ohio, represents the first IFAF Junior World Championship (19 years and younger). The IFAF office is located near Paris, France. For more, visit www.ifaf.info.

4. American Football programs just keep rolling along
By Fred  Sturrup
The Nassau Guardian
There is something very fundamental about athletes. They all just want to get out there, whichever and wherever the arena and play. The universal cry in baseball "Let's Play Ball" says it all.

The war between the New Providence and Grand Bahama sides in American Football seems to have subsided. A young player in the Commonwealth American Football League came up to me the other day and provided me with some interesting information, enough to know that the feud is still simmering under the surface.

Sometimes, sports administrators just don't get it. It's really never about them particularly, but more so about the athletes, especially the youth who choose a wholesome way to spend their time rather than adding to the social problems in the land. Sports administrators wage all-out wars these days. The fighting drags on and on and attract regional and international attention at the expense of the general sports program in the country.

Fortunately here in The Bahamas, the Olympic Movement has settled down rather nicely. Few people talk about the baseball impasse. Certain decisions have been made in athletics and boxing and those entities are moving on. As aforementioned, it is now quiet on the American Football front.

In the meantime, the players are hitting the field and enjoying it. The CAFL hasn't missed a beat and neither has the Bahamas Youth Football in Grand Bahama or the American Football Federation, based there as well. It is quite pleasing to know that the youth arm of American Football is functioning true to form. In Grand Bahama, the young players from eight teams have moved past the half-way point in the season and are pushing for the playoffs.

The fact that there are eight vibrant youth teams in the BYF speaks volumes for that program. The situation also bodes very well for the future of American Football in the country. I understand excitement was the order of last weekend's play. Two games saw a lot of points go up on the board and three of them were competitive, affording viewers a pleasant mix of fortunes on the field.

Some fans enjoy a lot of scoring and others prefer the close matches. They got it all last weekend. The Eight Mile Rock Blue Jays drove the West End Blue Marlins back to the sea with a 72-26 trouncing. The Lucaya Warhawks and the High Rock Steelers were involved in a cliffhanger that needed double overtime to produce a winner. It was the Warhawks who ended up winning 38-36. The Marco City Fire picked on the Pineridge Bulldogs to get their first win, by a 20-6 score and the Pineridge Spartans got by the Marco City Sharks in overtime 12-6.

BYF coordinators must be thrilled to see their charges cementing themselves in the development process. In the standings, the Spartans sit in first place with a 4-1 record followed respectively by the Pineridge Bulldogs, Marco City Sharks, Lucaya Warhawks, the Eight Mile Rock Blue Jays and the High Rock Steelers in a five-way tie at 3-2; Marco City Fire at 1-4 and the West End Blue Marlins winless at 0-5.

Sports organizers love such standings which signal competition at its best. The sport has certainly caught on again big time in the north and will take on more luster when a national team departs for Panama in January to play a qualification match in hopes of participating in the international championships, scheduled for Canton, Ohio later in 2009.

Yes, despite the controversy, it's a good time for American Football in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

5. Lt. Gov. Fisher visits City Hall, tour Hercules plant
The Canton Repository
Monday, November 17, 2023
https://www.cantonrep.com/index.php?ID=441778&Category=9&subCategoryID=0 <https://www.cantonrep.com/index.php?ID=441778&Category=9&subCategoryID=0>
CANTON Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher visited City Hall this morning and toured the Hercules development project.

Mayor William J. Healy II invited Fisher to town to discuss local economic development projects, the upcoming IFAF Junior World Championship Games in 2009, and plans for how the city expects to spend the $3.6 million that it was recently awarded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Federal dollars have been awarded by the agency to cities across the country to help them combat home foreclosure and improve neighborhood conditions as part of HUD's "Neighborhood Stabilization Program."

Following the morning meetings, Fisher visited the Hercules property on Market Avenue S to speak with project developers. The Ohio Department of Development awarded $36 million in Historic Tax Credits to the project earlier this year.

6. El alteta Mexicano en el programa del USA football International Student aclanza los playoffs
Wednesday, November 5
https://www.tackleo.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=27606&Itemid=87 <https://www.tackleo.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=27606&Itemid=87>
El miembro del USA Football International Student Program (ISP) contribuyó a que su equipo obtuviera la posición número 2 en los playoffs de Division II tras la victoria de su equipo en North Carolina este pasado fin de semana.
USA FOOTBALL, el órgano nacional de gobierno para niveles juveniles y amateur, hace realidad el sueño de 12 estudiantes-atletas de 3 continentes de jugar american football y estudiar en high schools de USA por medio del ISP.  Los candidatos presentan su solicitud online en www.usafootball.com , y si son aceptados son elegibles para obtener ayuda financiera tanto de USA Football como de la escuela que seleccionan.
Christ School terminó la temporada regular en North Carolina con un alto nivel al derrotar a Asheville School 23-7 en un duelo de gran rivalidad conocido como “The Game” (El Partido). Los Greenies obtuvieron la contribución de Danny Agee (Puerto Vallarta), miembro de segundo año del ISP, para lograr el trofeo en disputa por las dos escuelas rivales el pasado fin de semana.  Agee mantuvo un gran juego de kick al completar dos de tres intentos de extra point y consiguió un field goal de 39 yardas que puso a su equipo por delante 17-7 en el descanso.  También consiguió un punt de 51 yardas que colocó a Asheville School en su propia yarda 12.
Con la Victoria, los Greenies obtienen un resultado global de 6-4, lo que les sitúa en segundo lugar en la clasificación de la Carolina Piedmont Football Conference.  La post-temporada para Danny Agee comenzará el sábado 8 de noviembre, momento en que su escuela recibirá a Harrells Christian Academy, equipo clasificado en tercera posición de la Division II de la North Carolina Independent School Athletic Association.
“Tenemos muchas expectativas para esta temporada,” dijo Agee. “Mi intención es ayudar al equipo en todo lo que pueda para conseguir nuestro objetivo, que es el campeonato estatal, lo cual es muy posible este año.”
Estadísticas Del Jugador Del USA Football International Student Program 2008-09

Danny Agee, Christ School, NC: Senior, Segundo año, K/TE/WR, 6-6, 225, Puerto Vallarta,   Mexico
·       Cardinal Newman (L14-21): 2/2 PAT, 3-112 (promedio 37 yardas) en punts, 3 kickoffs para 155 yards
·       At Northside Christian (W10-0): 1/1 PAT, 1-2 FG (hecho 40, fallado 47), 8-194 (promedio 24 yardas) en punts
·      Southside Christian (W37-6): 5/5 PATs
·      At Westminster Catawaba (W39-6): 3/5 PATs
·       First Assembly Concord (L12-0): 7-271 (promedio 38.7 yardas) en punts, 3 kickoffs para 149 yardas (promedio 49.7 yardas)
·      At Forsyth Country Day (L13-14): 1/2 PATs
·      South Lake Christian (W47-8): 5/6 PATs, 8 kickoffs para 438 yardas, 3 touch backs, 1-39                                      yardas en punts
·      Ben Lippen School (L27-7): 1/1 PATs, 7-227 yardas en punts, 1 kickoff para 59 yardas
·      At Hickory Grove (W24-14): 3/3 PATs, 46 yd FG
·      Asheville School (W23-7): 2/3 PATs, 39 yd FG
7. El Mexicano Danny Agee consigue nominaciones para All-Conference y All-State
Tuesday, November 18
https://www.tackleo.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=27864&Itemid=87 <https://www.tackleo.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=27864&Itemid=87>
Danny Agee, el kicker mexicano miembro del USA Football International Student Program (ISP), ha sido nombrado componente del primer equipo All-Conference y del primer equipo All-State por su participación en Christ School en Arden, North Carolina, por segundo año consecutivo.
USA FOOTBALL, el órgano nacional de gobierno para niveles juveniles y amateur, hace realidad el sueño de 12 estudiantes-atletas de 3 continentes de jugar a fútbol americano y estudiar en high schools de USA por medio del ISP.  Los candidatos presentan su solicitud online en www.usafootball.com , y si son aceptados son elegibles para obtener ayuda financiera tanto de USA Football como de la escuela que seleccionan.
Agee, natural de Puerto Vallarta, México, no había jugado nunca como kicker antes de llegar a North Carolina, pero se convirtió rápidamente en una pieza clave de los Greenies en su primera temporada.  Su actuación de gran calidad ha continuado durante su segundo año. Además de ser nombrado para los equipos All-Conference y All-State en sus dos temporadas en Christ School, Agee ha ayudado a su equipo a terminar la temporada regular de 2008 con un balance de 6-4 y a clasificarse como número dos para los playoffs de la División II de North Carolina.
“Es muy gratificante saber que he ayudado al equipo en lo que he podido y recibir algunos de los reconocimientos honoríficos más importantes por ello,” said Agee.  “Espero que haya universidades que se fijen en mí y estén interesadas en darme una oportunidad para mostrarles lo que puedo hacer para ayudar a su equipo a ganar.”
Christ School perdió ante Harrells Christian 36-27 en las semifinales de los playoffs, pero Agee terminó el partido con una actuación perfecta en extra points al conseguir tres de tres intentos – algo habitual a lo largo de una consistente temporada regular. Agee no falló ningún extra point durante los tres primeros partidos de Christ School’s y convirtió 24 extra points sobre un total de 28 intentos. También consiguió tres field goals, siendo el más largo de 46 yardas.
Jamie Auch, head coach de Christ School, dijo de Agee: “Danny ha trabajado muy duro durante la temporada y en el periodo de pre-temporada durante el verano para mejorar su juego de chut. Consiguió un field goal de 46 yardas que sirvió de revulsivo para ganar a un rival de la conferencia que llegaba al partido con un balance de 7-1.  Sus kickoffs han sido una gran ayuda para nuestra defensa.”
Agee ha pateado  49 kickoffs promediando 50.9 yardas con 12 touchbacks.  También se hizo cargo de las labores de despeje, con un promedio de 32.2 yardas en las 50 patadas que ha hecho durante la temporada, consiguiendo colocar 11 de ellos dentro de la yarda 20 del rival.  
“El año que viene echaremos de menos su actitud positiva y su talento para chutar” añadió coach Auch.
La pasada temporada, Agee contribuyó a que los Greenies alcanzaran las semifinales tras derrotar 41-6 a Wake Christian en cuartos de final completando cinco de seis extra points. Gracias a su actuación, en 2007 obtuvo los honores de All-State y All-Conference,  convirtiendo 23 de 26 extra points y 6 de 7 field goals, incluyendo un field goal ganador a falta de 14 segundos para el final del partido.
Agee es uno de los doce atletas internacionales del USA Football International Student Program, que está ahora en su tercer año.  Es uno de los siete seniors del ISP, cuyas pretensiones son seguir sus carreras deportivas jugando en una Universidad la temporada que viene.

8. Prep Notebook: Scurran to coach all-stars
By Geoff Grammer
Tucson Citizen
Thursday, November 20
https://www.tucsoncitizen.com/daily/sports/103251.php <https://www.tucsoncitizen.com/daily/sports/103251.php>
Santa Rita football coach Jeff Scurran has again been chosen to coach a team of high school all-stars this spring to travel to and play against a youth all-star team in Kawasaki, Japan.
This year's team is dubbed "Team Stars and Stripes" to avoid confusion with the Team USA squad that will compete June 27 in the Junior World Championship in Canton, Ohio.
Scurran's all-star team last year included several Tucson-area football stars, including Santa Rita running back AuBura Taylor and Canyon del Oro quarterback Daniel Nicholas.
The 40-member Stars and Stripes team will be composed of high school seniors from across the country. Their exhibition game in Japan is March 21.

Michael Preston

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