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NFL Youth Football Fund (YFF) approves IFAF grant proposal
Mar 21, 2023 - 1:55:25 PM

The NFL Youth Football Fund, a non-profit foundation created by the NFL and NFL Players Association, which promotes the game and the universal character values that it instills in youngsters, has approved a $2.465 million IFAF grant proposal over the next two years to further strengthen the sport’s global participation and popularity.

Funding from the NFL Youth Football Fund grant focuses on dynamic IFAF-directed Junior (19 & under) and Youth (15 & under) football initiatives within IFAF’s 41 member countries with the goal of establishing best practices and standards of excellence that will benefit all members and expedite growth of American football globally.  Such programs include:

• Development Tour - designed to bring American college and high school coaches together with IFAF member country junior and youth level coaches to foster football development, cultural exchange and best practices  
• IFAF Coaching Schools (up to 15 in 2008) - targeting junior and youth coaches
• IFAF Player Academies - offering specialized football instruction for junior and youth players
• IFAF Equipment Grants totaling $400,000 to provide member countries’ federations, based on merit and need, with state-of-the-art football resources.

The grant funding will also provide IFAF with an updated website ( and allow for the international federation to expand its staff and offer additional service to its global and growing membership.

“The vision of the NFL’s Youth Football Fund through this innovative grant is a landmark achievement to make this great sport even stronger,” says IFAF President Tommy Wiking.  “The game’s speed, action, strategy, and universal values like teamwork and sportsmanship make American football a multi-dimensional and multi-cultural sport unlike any other.

“The world’s American football community is stronger today because of this partnership.  With IFAF’s leadership and the NFL Youth Football Fund’s vision, this great game’s brightest days reside in its future.”

“The funds provided through the Youth Football Fund grant will be focused on developing this great game at the junior and youth levels to ensure a strong foundation is established for the future growth of American football internationally,” says IFAF Treasurer and USA Football Executive Director Scott Hallenbeck.

IFAF recently sanctioned and adopted USA Football’s innovative online education programs to benefit junior and youth coaches in its 41-country membership with the game’s top teaching methods.  USA Football is offering its Coaches Certification Education Program without cost until the IFAF course is available in early 2009.

IFAF, through the YFF grant, is now positioned to galvanize the fragmented landscape of junior and youth football internationally and provide members with strong leadership through innovative educational, developmental, and fiscal best practices and resources to increase youth football programs globally.

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