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IFAF appoints Ken Walters as Marketing Consultant
Jun 4, 2023 - 4:52:48 PM

The International Federation of American Football (IFAF) has appointed Ken Walters as a Marketing Consultant.

Ken will work on organizational structuring, branding and marketing strategy for IFAF and its fifty-two members.  His UK-based management consultancy company Endzone will continue to provide services to the British American Football Association (BAFA), which includes Ken working a Whole Sport Plan Manager, a task he has undertaken for over two and half years making great strides for the sport in the process.

The newly created consultancy position will support IFAF Managing Director, Michael Preston, to ensure the continued international growth of the sport.  The appointment will enable IFAF to establish an organizational structure, branding and marketing strategy for the sport of American football and pursue marketing, sponsorship and funding opportunities. Ken will report directly to the IFAF Executive Committee.

“Ken has made great strides in developing the sport for BAFA both domestically and internationally,” said IFAF President Tommy WIiking “In particular, his campaign ‘Get into American Football’ has greatly benefited the growth of the sport in Great Britain.  His role to create a strategy for the future and in supporting the Managing Director, will help us move further forward."

Ken is a 46-year-old native of Coventry, England, whose management consultancy company was established in 2006.  He has worked with top global brands in all communication mediums in the media and marketing industry.  His first encounter with American Football was when he saw highlights of Super Bowl VII on British television in 1973 and he has been a Miami Dolphins fan ever since.  Ken helped establish the now Coventry Cassidy Jets American Football Club in 2004, resigning in 2005 to become the Media and Marketing Director of the British American Football League (BAFL) where he is also currently interim Chairman.

“I am excited about the prospect of supporting IFAF as they move forward and pursue their goals,” said Ken.  “During the past few years I have gained a true understanding of the challenges that lie ahead for BAFA both domestically and internationally and I relish the IFAF challenge.  I am confident we can help our member federations make progress and spread the appeal of American football to a wider audience.”
Among his duties, Ken will create a structure to deliver services for IFAF members and customers, build equity within that structure to add value to the IFAF brand, create a sponsor and partner program for the IFAF brand, and prepare communications for those programs to selected markets.

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