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GB Lions 2009 workout details announced
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Dec 9, 2023 - 9:14:19 AM

GB Lions 2009 workout details announced.

The BAFA Great Britain Lions adult contact team will be holding their first workout of 2009 at Loughborough University on the Saturday, January 24.

The day will begin at 11.00 with registration followed by Great Britain Lions testing procedures to determine agility, strength and speed. Players that are successful in the early session will be invited back for the late afternoon evaluation.

Players attending will comprise of three groups:
1. Players scouted during 2008 by Great Britain Lions coaches
2. Players recommended by clubs
3. Players who register independently

The Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt will host the 2010 European Championship final
Players who wish to attend must apply for the registration pack that will give them full details of the day. This is a great opportunity for those who wish to challenge themselves and try to stake a claim on the national team. With the 2010 European Championships a little over eighteen months away exciting times are ahead. The championships will be held in Frankfurt, Germany.

The numbers at the workout will be limited to keep quality and consistency for the attendee. It is advisable to register as early as possible, certainly before January 10.

Players who show great desire and perform at the required level will be invited to the spring camp at Largs, Sport Scotlands finest facility. This camp will be held on the March 6, 7 and 8.

Contact and come join the journey.

BAFAs congratulations go to all the teams and coaching staff of the players listed below for developing these players, to a level of ability that has brought them to the attention of Great Britain scouts at last seasons BritBowl. All of the listed below have been sent an invitation to the workout on January 24.

BritBowl XXII Players Scouted

Adegina, Michael (DL) - London Warriors
Aiston, Philip (TE) - Gateshead Senators 
Akins, Melvyn (DB) - London Blitz 
Akinyomi, Hakky (DL) - London Blitz
Allen, Jerome (OL) - London Cobras 
Animashaun, Thomas (DL) - London Blitz
Barr, Gavin (SS) - Gateshead Senators 
Batkin, Robert (DL) - Tamworth Phoenix 
Bell, David (OL) - Gateshead Senators 
Bryce, William (WR) - London Cobras 
Buxton, Lloyd (LB) - London Blitz 
Campbell, Kofi (RB) - Coventry Jets
Chambers, Arron (DT) - London Blitz 
Codington, Dave (DT/OL) - London Blitz
Downes, Peter (OL/G) - Coventry Jets
Doyle, Christopher (QB) - Gateshead Senators
Edwards, James (DL) - London Warriors
Eyon, Thomas (OL) - London Warriors
Fevrier-McPherson, Dominic (LB London Cobras
Finney, Mark (WR/DB) - London Warriors
Greenfield, Dayle (QB) - London Warriors
Herring, Aaron (OL) - London Cobras
Heys, Matthew (OL) - London Warriors
Johnson, Lennox (DB) - London Blitz
Jones, Philip (DL) - Tamworth Phoenix
Koporo, Anthony (DL) - London Blitz
Lewis, Carl (OL/RT) - Redditch Arrows
Lumb, Simon (LB) - London Blitz
McKenzie, Andrew (LB/SS) - Coventry Jets
Mofondo, Ariel (SS) - London Cobras
Morrison, Anthony (DE) - Sussex Thunder
Mortimer, Andrew (LB) - Redditch Arrows
Mortimer, James (LB) - Redditch Arrows
Mould, Darren (LB) - Gateshead Senators
Mukoro, Emmanuel (WR) - London Cobras
Ndubuisi, Daniel (DB) - London Warriors
Nice, Richard (LB) - London Blitz
Nixon, Paul (LB/TE) - Sussex Thunder
Okonkwo, Ike (RB) - London Warriors
Onyilogwu, Chris (RB) - London Blitz
O'Reilly, Adam (OL/G) - Coventry Jets
Oteng, Kwabena (RB) - London Cobras
Owen, Sam (OL/G) - Coventry Jets
Pantelic, Stefan (OL) - London Warriors
Parilli-ocam, Camilo (OL) - London Warriors
Peel, Chris (DL) - Tamworth Phoenix
Percival, Arron (DB) - London Blitz
Prewitt, Daniel (OL) - London Blitz
Regan, Mark (DL) - Gateshead Senators 
Russell, Matthew (TE) - London Cobras
Samuel, Adrian (OL/DL) - London Blitz
Scott, Edward (DL) - Tamworth Phoenix
Shennan, Thomas (WR) - London Blitz
Sinyangwe, Michael (RB) - Redditch Arrows
Smith, Scott (DB) - Gateshead Senators
Steadman, Andrew (DE) - Coventry Jets
Stevens, Sio (LB) - London Cobras
Thacker, Chris (LB) - Tamworth Phoenix
Tovar, Julian (DL) - London Blitz
Winter, Ed (LB) - Tamworth Phoenix
Woodhouse, Juma (WR) - London Cobras

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