Great Britain Lions
BAFA announce GB Lions Adult Flag programme eligibility
By National Programme
Mar 24, 2023 - 6:17:53 PM

BAFA are delighted to confirm eligibility for the National Programme (NP) that is the Adult Flag (AF) Great Britain Lions team.
Primarily, to be eligible for the Great Britain Lions, the athlete will need to exhibit British nationality – i.e. eligibility for a UK passport. Permanent residency alone is not sufficient. The athletes will then be invited to participate in regional programmes run under the auspices of the National Programme based on ability.
These regional programmes are called:

  • Chieftains: Scotland and Northern England
  • Crusaders: Central, Southern and Eastern England
  • Dragons: Wales and South West England
  • Giants: Northern Ireland
The BAFA confirm there are no borders related to these programmes and that the programmes exist for:
  • Person eligible for GB Lions based on ability
  • To permit cost-effective delivery of NP activity in Great Britain for those persons participating
In addition to the aforementioned programmes, BAFA has agreed to the creation of an ‘all-comers' programme for which all BAFA members will be eligible – irrespective of nationality. This programme will be entitled ‘Invaders’ and may also include British persons. BAFA confirms persons in the ‘Invaders’ programme can be of any nationality, but re-iterates, to be eligible for other NP programmes, (namely, Chieftains, Crusaders, Dragons, Giants and Lions) the athlete will need to exhibit British nationality.
BAFA National Programme Lead Director, Jim Messenger, commented, "We are very pleased with the progress being made towards the adult flag component of the National Programme. The regional team competition will provide an excellent feed system to the GB Lions team in preparation for the European Adult Flag Championships in Belfast in September."

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