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Forty-five named for GB Lions camp
By BAFA Media and Marketing
Feb 15, 2023 - 5:35:11 PM

The recent trials in Stirling and Birmingham have produce firty-five potential Lions. The GB Lions are pleased to announce the following players call up to camp:

Aldous - Duncan (WR) London Blitz
Battaloglu - Emir (DB) Birmingham Bulls
Beveridge - Rab (OL) East Kilbride Pirates
Black - Joe (WR) Coventry Cassidy Jets
Bowles - Daniel (WR) Lancashire Wolverines
Bradley - Rod (WR) London Blitz
Canning - Neale (QB) Birmingham Bulls
Chilton - Jonathan (RB) East Kilbride Pirates
Clements - Stephen (LB) London Olympians
Dauley - Gareth (RB) London Olympians
Dixon - Andrew (RB) Cornish Sharks
Dunn - Alex (LB) Lancashire Wolverines
Fogg - Sam (DB) Lancashire Wolverines
Hedges - Richard (DL) Reading Renegades
Henderson - Matt (LB) Cornish Sharks
Hickman - Ceawlin (DB) Cornish Sharks
Hunter - Ryan (DB) Glasgow Tigers
Janjua - Alex (WR) Sussex Thunder
Jenkins - Ally (RB) East Kent Mavericks
Kerr - Daniel (DL) Birmingham Bulls
Kockelbergh - Simon (DB) Farnham MH Knights
Lewis - Campbell (DB) Edinburgh Wolves
Long - Brian (DL) Doncaster Mustangs
Looms - Ian (LB) Redditch Arrows
MacKintosh Andy (LB) East Kilbride Pirates
McEvoy - Simon (OL) Oxford Cavaliers
McIntosh James (DB) East Kilbride Pirates
Meyer - Matthew (OL) London Olympians
Monfardini Roberto (LB) Birmingham Bulls
Morgan - Ed (DB) London Blitz
Mortimer - James William (LB) Redditch Arrows
Niakate - Mahamadou (RB) Dundee Hurricaines
Pagett - Mark (DL) Birmingham Bulls
Pearson - Iain John (WR) Lancashire Wolverines
Pinchin - Simon (DB) Sussex Thunder
Price - Jason (RB) Birmingham Bulls
Purcell - Simon (DB) Lancashire Wolverines
Reid- - Ally (WR) Farnham MH Knights
Rick - Oliver (DL) Oxford Cavaliers
Rosenbaum - Brett (RB) Birmingham Bulls
Ross - Dudley (LB) East Kent Mavericks
Thomson - Fraser (DB) Dundee Huricannes
Wilde - Richard (QB) Redditch Arrows
Wilson - Steven (DL) East Kilbride Pirates
Wyse - Jon (WR) Farnham MH Knights

Please note if you were unable to attend the workouts, the way forward is to be recommended by your club head coach without delay. Also if you have received no communication and attended a workout e-mail: 

There are a further twenty-five spots available which will  to players who were either hampered by bad weather conditions and could not attend or were involved with NFLE and BCAFL commitments. For further information e-mail

Considering the conditions both days were well attended and Coach Ayub is up beat, “We only had to look around and you could see that the sport has better athletes, than previous years, not only that players were turning up better prepared”. However, on both days there was a shortage of lineman, “This is extremely frustrating as there are a number of players out there who in two years of hard dedicated work would give us a fantastic opportunity to win gold”.

As the turnout of lineman was low there are spots looking to be filled. The Lions are appealing to all teams out there if you have a player who could contribute especially at the Offense and Defensive Line spot, then recommend them immediately.

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