BUAFL meets with BUSA
Nov 26, 2023 - 2:01:38 PM

BUAFL Interim CEO, Andy Fuller, and BAFA Whole Sport Plan Manager, Ken Walters, recently met with BUSA Head of Sports, Mark Brian, to discuss the potential of the BUAFL programme aligning with the BUSA family of sports.

Andy Fuller said of the meeting, "I would like to thank BUSA for their time in hosting the BUAFL and BAFA and allowing us to discuss the future of our sport in universities".

During the meeting, Andy reaffirmed to Mark the commitment to undertake a successful application procedure so that the BUAFL football programme is fully integrated into the BUSA sports programme. Andy commented, "It is my hope that we can kick-off the 2009/10 BUAFL Championships as a BUSA sport. The BUAFL will continue to work closely with BUSA in the coming months on a research and development programme to ensure that we provide comprehensive support to both existing and new universities as we work to achieve our objectives".

BAFA Whole Sport Plan Manager, Ken Walters added, "It is clear there are many benefits from being part of the BUSA programme ­ and our Whole Sport Plan is complimentary to this. I look forward with anticipation to American Football being a valued partner in the BUSA programme".

BUSA Head of Sports, Mark Brian, concluded "The BUAFL and BAFA have presented clear objectives that are compliant with the BUSA programme. It is clear that American Football offers some tremendous opportunities for athletes and universities, however, it is also evident there are some challenges". Mark added, "What was presented to me recently gives a clear indication that, if successful in their objectives, BUSA will receive application that will be informed and transparent ­ something that will support their application positively and benefit all universities who wish to participate".

The BUAFL, with the support of the National Governing Body, will now continue the process to complete a BUSA application.

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