BSAFA Operations Suspended
Jul 25, 2023 - 9:00:00 AM

It is now a full calendar year since the voting rights of the British Student American Football Association (BSAFA) were suspended by BAFA. In that time BSAFA has failed to resolve its debts to BAFA, nor has it been able to submit an acceptable plan to do so.

Furthermore the National Governing Body has now been approached by other parties who are also owed substantial amounts by BSAFA.

BAFA has been advised that it is likely that legal action could be undertaken by these parties. This additional information raises yet more questions regarding the solvency or otherwise of BSAFA and is a matter for serious concern.

BAFA has commenced legal action against past and present members of the BSAFA National Management Council. BAFA confirms that there has been no tangible evidence provided that could substantiate any claims that the organisation can trade out of the current situation.

To allow the situation to proceed as it is, would severely impact on university teams' ability to effectively operate for the upcoming season and beyond. It is therefore the conclusion of BAFA that BSAFA has proven itself unable to effectively manage its finances and all credibility in this regard has now been lost.

Consequently, with immediate effect, BSAFA is no longer sanctioned by BAFA to deliver ANY football activities and its operations are suspended. BAFA is stepping in to ensure that the college football season will run this year as expected for all teams and a further news release providing information on this will follow immediately.


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