John Slavin Trophy 2007
By BAFRA Media Team
Sep 18, 2023 - 12:29:00 AM

John Slavin was a long-serving BAFRA official and sometime director of the Association, who sadly died in October 2005. In his memory, BAFRA has dedicated an award made to a team that shows commitment to improving the game experience for players and fans, as well as officials.

This season, BAFRA members have been conducting an audit of game management at each team's home game. It is therefore appropriate that the John Slavin Trophy should be presented to the team that has consistently performed best in this.

The 2007 results of the awards are:

John Slavin Trophy for overall best, and best in Division 2: Edinburgh Wolves (the Wolves were unique in scoring under 25 points for each of their games this season (0 is a perfect score).

Honourable mention in Division 2: Lincolnshire Bombers and Hull Hornets (the Bombers and Hornets also averaged under 25 points per game).

Division 1 best: Yorkshire Rams (the Rams led a close fought contest in Division 1).

Honourable mention in Division 1: Colchester Gladiators and Doncaster Mustangs (the Gladiators and Mustangs ran the Rams close).

Premier Division: No award (no Premier Division team averaged less than 40 points per game).

BYAFA Youth Kitted League: Kent Exiles (the Exiles were consistently the best team in the Youth Kitted League).

Edinburgh Wolves will be awarded their trophy at half time of the Division 2 final at BritBowl weekend. Lincolnshire Bombers and Hull Hornets will receive framed certificates in recognition of their accomplishments. BAFRA President Jim Briggs will make the presentation.

Yorkshire Rams, Colchester Gladiators and Doncaster Mustangs will be presented with framed certificates at half time of the Division 1 final.

Kent Exiles Youth will be presented with a framed certificate at halftime of the Youth Bowl. A BAFRA director will make the presentation.

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