BBXXII in doubt at DVS
By BAFL Media and Marketing
Jun 16, 2023 - 12:30:20 PM

Further to the fixtures announcement earlier today by the Football League confirming the Rotherham United F.C. home game against Luton Town F.C at Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield (DVS) on Saturday, 20th September, the BAFL confirms that BritBowl XXII (BBXXII) at DVS in doubt.

BAFL Chairman, Glen Schild, commented, “Despite a prior booking with DVS - and a long-standing relationship of nine years, the primary tenancy agreement between DVS and Rotherham United usurps all previous bookings. Whilst we are, of course, disappointed at the outcome of this new relationship, the BAFL Board of Directors initiated and developed contingency plans some months ago when hearing about the developing relationship - the outcome of which will be announced in the next few days”.

The BAFL confirms BBXXII will not take place at DVS on the weekend of September 20th and 21st. Both the venue and dates are now subject to review. Further news will be announced very soon.

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