BAFL launch ‘BAFL Network’
By BAFL Media and Marketing
Jul 23, 2023 - 10:37:22 AM

The BAFL is delighted to announce the upgrade of their new media presence with the launch of ‘BAFL Network’ a new series of websites that will deliver news for the BAFL Premier, BAFL 1 and BAFL 2 and BritBowl by team as well the league as a whole.

BAFL Chairman, Glen Schild, commented, “The BAFL media and marketing team have been working hard behind the scenes to create ‘BAFL Network’ and we deliberately took the opportunity of closing down the old BAFL website during the BAFA Convention (when no BAFL games where played) to migrate all the material across to the new sites”.

BAFL Media and Marketing Director and BAFA WSP Manager, Ken Walters, added, “When the BAFL undertook the re-alignments last year, part of the rationale was to create an a focus on the league structures. With the advent of the ‘Get into American Football’ website, the BAFL team delayed the development of ‘BAFL Network’ until the demands and impact of the campaign on the BAFL could be scoped out.” Ken continued, “The new BAFL Network will soon link to the “Get into American Football” website allowing ‘new customers’ to get to their local team with a minimal amount of click-throughs”.

BAFL Network was launched recently with a new ‘team-focused’ BAFL website and dynamic news portal as well as a website dedicated to the BAFL Premier division. To follow soon are sites dedicated to BAFL 1, BAFL 2 and the newly launched, BAFL Flag. In addition, there are plans for a BritBowl website, BAFL History Zone and, subject to discussions with the British Youth American Football Association (BYAFA), BAFL Youth.

To conclude, BAFL Chairman, Glen Schild added, “There is still a great deal to do behind the scenes to deliver all the sites, however we will endeavour to launch the other sites very soon and link up to “Get into American Football” in time for the increase in media activity the Dolphins/Giants game will create. I would like to take the opportunity to thank all those who have supported the delivery of these sites and thank our audience in advance for your patience as we crack on with their delivery”.

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