Scotland and England Announce Youth Squads
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Feb 7, 2024 - 12:02:14 PM

As they continue to prepare for their last two training sessions, Scotland Youth have announced the final squad that will take to the field at Meadowbank on the 24th.
"In a relatively short space of time a mix of young and ‘veteran’ players, who faced each other on opposite sides of the ball during the season, have become one team”, commented Head Coach Alan Wilson. “We are confident of seeing a strong competitive team going into the game against England".
Scotland Youth 2007
DB      David Carney
DB      Jason Gillespie
DB      Nick Halfpenny
DB      Darren Harvey
DB      Ross Ivison
DB      Kyle Walker
DB      Darren Brownlie
DB      Brodie McDonald
DL      Grant Williamson
DL      Phil Cooper
DL      Karl McCran
DL      Paul Polson
DL      Blair McTeague
DL      Mark Murphy
DL      Jamie Laird
DL      Gregor Kirkwood
LB       Thomas MacMillan
LB       Ziv Shamugan
LB       Blake Kyle
LB       Chris Lang
LB       Scott Findlay
LB       Kevin Connoly
OL      John Reilly
OL      Neil Irwin
OL      Iain MacKenzie
OL      David Yates
QB      David Orr
QB      Kris Kennedy
QB      Alan Steen
RB      Scott Watson
RB      Graeme MacMillan
RB      Kieran Philips 
RB      Ryan McCabe
WR     Kyle Wilson
WR     Derek Russell 
WR     Joseph McMahon
WR     Jack Miller
WR     Kris Henderson
WR     James Pyke
WR     Alan Harrison
WR     Lewis Mathieson
WR     Scott McIntosh
WR     Will Winter


England Youth made their final squad reductions following the first of three training sessions in their preparation for the game against Scotland in Edinburgh.
The squad of 45 players is selected from no fewer than 14 different teams.
National Champions, the London Warriors, provide ten players while both the Norwich Devils and the Kent Exiles provide six each. The Bristol Aztecs have five players in the team while the MH Knights provide four players.
The remainder of the squad comes from teams spanning the length of the country.
Head Coach Steve Rains said “We had a fantastic turn out at the session on Saturday and it was very tough to cut the squad down to the final 45. We now have two more sessions to finish our preparations and as a coaching staff we are looking forward to seeing these players in action in Edinburgh. The guys are really up for this game and, although Scotland has had more preparation time and are playing at home, it promises to be one not to miss"
England Youth 2007                    
DB Elliott Bragg
DB  Robert  Jenkins
DB  Larry  Lasisi
DB  Ariel Mofondo
DB  Ashley  Mullin
DB  Sam  Ojari
DB  Stuart  Olive 
DB  Toran  Williams
DL  Adam Barley
DL  Ben Cooper
DL  Elliott Greenleaf
DL  Eden Lane
DL  Jason Logan
DL  Moses Sangobiyi
K   David Dooner
LB  Joe Alexis
LB  Dominic Gould
LB  Thomas Johnson
LB  Daniel Reader
LB  Seaol Stevens
LB  Chris Thaker
LB  Danny Williamson
OL  Nicholas Barker
OL  Tony Barron
OL  Daniel Hatcher  
OL  Aaron Herring
OL  William Lewington
OL  Nicky Martin 
OL  Alexander Miller
OL  Simon Ross
QB  Henry Allen
QB  Oliver Gould
RB  Daniel Appleyard
RB  Nicholas Cullen
RB  Ian Dennant
RB  Devar Gayle
RB  Ike Okonkwo
RB  George Overhill
TE  Eric Bruce
WR  Michael Green
WR  Luke Grundy
WR  Shadrach McCook
WR  Emmanuel Mukoro
WR  David Saul                         
WR  Tom Taylor

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